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touching souls…

March 28, 2014


one at a time’s the vision i’ve been given and with it i’ll give of my every gift to every one of my brothers and sisters at every turn on every path in every place i’m so lead to be – i’ll keep giving whether that be by the words herein so given by the grace of God, the words coming straight from the heart as we meet and in any other way God so leads me – it’s my pleasure and it’s become the absolute joy of my days and i’m ever so grateful beyond words that i’ve been lead to such a redeeming clarity at what i see to be such a very young age on this fascinating journey of enlightened discovery we all call life – my thank yous all around to every one of you in my life now, in the past as well as those of you with whom our path has yet to become one for all of you in your own way have indeed been a blessing to me with some of you even being life-changers and destiny-makers – and to those wonderful ones as the monumental blessings in my life that you are i ask that you always see my smile, that you unfailingly hear my thank yous and truly feel in your heart the bond we’ll forever have together –

there comes a day in all of our lives when we know we’ll never look back again on anything we’ve lived the lesser now that all of the best of what awaits us is so clearly in view and as we now know is ours for the taking – so i say today yes please i’ll be having the beginning to a most wonderful life where wrtiting, traveling and speaking all become one – and as i do as always i’ll be lead by the grace of God in helping every one of my brothers and sisters so seeking in every way that i can giving them all the gift of everlasting inspiration in their hearts – and yes i’ll definitely have dessert with that as well! – i’ll see you when i see you and when we do it’ll be by destiny – until then godspeed to you and yours ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~




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