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March 30, 2014

an ace up the sleeve to me’s the winning 56 minutes happening every time i step out, plug in and wire my way back with 4 more miles – it’s a winning move in that all in one swift measure i’m able to leave everything behind that really’s not even in front of me – and where this leads me is right into an altogether far better place as the pace in the walk and the speed in the stroll takes me straight away into a conversation unlike any other – it’s in this wonderful time that the conversation’s possible and sometimes it’s even well more than one-sided – it’s in this place where i truly feel a captivating sense of peace, a driving clarity of purpose as designed before i was ever even downloaded here in this life and thirdly i literally become nearly overwhelmed with an electrifying energy to see and have it all happen right this very second – that’s where i began living as if inside of a world with all of only the best of everything and indeed that in so many ways is exactly what’s happening all by the grace of God

he is inside of us in every moment in every day of our lives whether we’ve come to realize that or not it’s nonetheless the most foundational essence we’ll ever know in this lifetime or any other yet to come or to have been already – i’ve literally walked thousands of miles in these past twenty years and it’s been on these travels where some of my fondest memories came to be from not only what i was seeing and what i was feeling but most prominently from the one i was with – what i didn’t realize in all of that time was that i had more company with me, the best company any of us could ever ask for – where i began to realize this far greater presence was in the midst of the very first time they weren’t there to come with me and it wasn’t because they were away on a business trip but rather because they chose to be gone, to altogether vanish with the parting message that we’d be far better friends than ever well after this was all over – and that i’ll tell you was the very first moment in my life where i felt absolutely alone and cut off from the world and anything in the way of even a sliver of anything related to happiness as being possible to ever happen again – yes it was that bad of a despair where inspiration seemed to be on the other side of the world – and then by the grace of God in the exceptionally beautiful way with which he surrounds us in love in our every moment it happened – i began to realize in my walks and my newfound unselected trip into the middle of nowhere to find myself that indeed i was with a friend at my side the entire time and always had been –

just late last evening i heard a popular comedic actor of the day say and in fact go on and on about how he’s really not so sure if there’s a God – and right there in that instant and unlike how i would’ve been primarily disaffected in the past this time i was taken – i was completely taken with an incredible spirit about me to help him and all others so likeminded to realize that not only is there a God, the one and only God himself appearing this week the next and from here to eternity, but that God is with each and every one of us inside of our hearts, in our spirit, in our body and indeed in our mind everything the same – and further from there what i desire to help him see for the first time in his life is that it’s in God in his life as in all of ours as the source of it all, all of everything good – i’ll help him see that all of those coincidences and breaks weren’t random – and likewise all of the falls and all of the trevails were indeed lessons intended in delivering us to a far greater reality –

and a greater reality by far is where my days are landing steadily taking on more and more of exactly the appearance as they’ve been in my vision for which i was so fortunate to finally see just this last fall – and it all keeps getting more and more amazing – for me writing from the heart with the sole intent of simply gifting someone somewhere out there with something so simple as a smile even if only for an instant gives me the most wonderful sense of fulfillment in that i’m doing what i was given this life to do – and to you and to everyone i’m so blessed to visit in these words and one day soon as we gather as new friends in coffee shops and conferences all across the world i say thank you for enrichening my life well beyond anything i’ve ever knownthis is what life and living it well is all about – it’s all about the people we meet as friends and the ones we fall in love with and everything the good the better and the far greater we create together as we’ve been gifted and blessed by the grace of God to do simply for the love of it all – and to think it all came to me and continues to do so everything the same every time i put one foot in front of the other and simply walk – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing {rettingerrockfiles/RRF}Image



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  1. Rudy Ekkawi permalink
    March 30, 2014 7:43 pm

    Truly the spirit of the Lord is in total control. Thank you for your surrendering to his will,for through it you will have the promises, and live the utopian and magical life.God bless you and keep you.

    • March 30, 2014 10:24 pm

      thank you so much brother, I greatly appreciate you more than I could ever say… godspeed to you and yours-/–

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