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the rhyme in the fool…

April 1, 2014


and the fool in the rule comes in the way of the rule as a tool in the vanity of cool by all that hail as the ones without fail to keep it that way – in other words what if it all doesn’t have to be in the far too limited way in which we see from a to z everything that is from him and her to you and to me? – that’s the crux of it all in every fall and every call to arms we make in vain like a runaway train on a trip only ever ending in oblivion – one time after another we forget the words of our mother in lashing out this way that way and the other only ever getting nowhere other than down – and it’s down we slip on a spiralling trip like the proverbial sinking ship wondering why? – why are we here and why do we fear year after year everything in our heart and everything so near and dear? – and then we scream to ourselves that’s not what i want and that’s not my life only ever wanting the loving wife, our days free of any strife and a spirit rife, rife with everything good we can ever imagine and feel – yet we keep asking is it real?, is this one the only deal we’ll ever seal? – and it happens day after day, in everything we say in the light of every ray above us – yet it’s in that every ray beaming down from God that can lead us in asking isn’t it rather odd and isn’t it a waste to run about so blind in haste never knowing a taste of the life i was given to live? – and to live is to give and to give is the gift, the gift in giving even the stranger a lift – and with that lift that came as a gift from one they’d never met before may just be what get’s them up and off of the floor in heading straight for the door that’s finally opening wide – and once inside setting forth in the newfound spirit of all that can be from a stranger that helped them to see comes the vision of who they really are – and now it doesn’t seem so far in being all and everything they’ve ever imagined – after all it’s in the imagination where the beginning the middle and the end all are in sight, and when we know it’s right we’ve indeed found our light – it’s a light so leading, and one never in need of needing – it’s right here as we feel it as if it’s already been made from the perfect picture laid into our every vision whether for a day a year or a season we now know our reason – and it’s in the reason we’ve discovered the rhyme of the fool is indeed all in our mind and all about an attitude, an attitude of gratitude and the once and for all latitude in being free, free to be him free to be her free to be you and free to be me – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing –  {rettingerrockfiles/RRF} 



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