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the greatest happiness…

April 3, 2014


comes in being completely yourself at one with yourself living in all of the splendor in the finest fashion of the soul and doing it entirely out loud to the fullest celebrating every wonderful gift you’ve been given – yet how many of us are thriving in this beautiful freedom of truly being oursleves living the lives we know have always been written in our heart? – i’ve been absolutely amazed in every turn in recent days as i’ve come back inside far closer to my very essence in giving my everything to the calling i began to answer nearly 3 springs ago when my world as i knew it began to fall apart and come together all at the same time – sometimes like recently i seem to need a day if not many to begin seeing again with all of my heart blinded to all that may be distracting and reminded of all that is so invaluable as is the love surrounding me with so many wonderful people in my life – i suppose it’s not so unusual in arriving into these spaces when all’s not necessarily weller than well and then it begins again to all become so clear as if in an instant – it’s like a shade if not many entirely disappears from where they once began covering my eyes to all that really matters the most in this precious thing we call life – and every time it happens as it is now i become even more openly expressive in my immeasurable thankfulness for everything i’ve been so graced and gifted with by the loving hands of God – 

not even knowing exactly why just yet i nonetheless begin to see everyone i’m supposed to meet and it just happens as it did last evening on a shopping outing as i reached out to a nearby couple that i quickly came to learn in such a wonderful serendipity are indeed street preachers of a generation even younger than mine – the conversation and connection that was born were of a nature in knowing something very good will become of our now having met, and it again it doesn’t even matter that i don’t even know what it is as in some special way i really already do – and then early this morning in one of the most peaceful of settings singing with tranquility as happens in a stroll along the oceanside it happened again as i saw a new acquaintance from many months ago as she was in her element of complete happiness dancing in a rhythm that seemed ever so elegantly and perfectly timed with everything in nature surrounding her – the waves were galloping in as the gulls were bandying about this way that way and the other as if in a collective harmony with her every turn, just like her it was all absolutely beautiful – what a sheer feeling of joy bearing witness to a such a happy soul as she celebrated in giving of a gift she’s clearly been so blessed with for anyone to see so fortunate enough to simply be walking by – i was further moved to tell her how happy she made me as she danced about in such a talented fashion – and in graceful reply she ever so sincerely said thank you and God bless you from which i knew all at once God had guided me to yet another loving soul on the same path i’ve been so fortunate in finding in these recent years – and then i shared with her the vision i’ve been given in sending uplifting messages all throughout the world here in these pages and how i’d been lead to give far greater than i ever have before to which she threw her arms around me in the embrace of a fellow child of God and blessed me again thanking me for doing what i am doing – seconds later as i carried on in my walk i came to tears in the beauty of this amazing exchange and the knowing that God already had it all set up as he keeps on sharpening me in every way for the coming days as he’s already told me that i’ll be traveling all around this great big wonderful world finding my friends on every corner in every setting sharing soul-lifting smiles like never before – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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