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a greater compassion…

April 5, 2014


came over me just the other day and i’m ever so happy that it has while there’s hopefully still many more years to come in getting to know my father far better than i knew i should know him – of course i’ve always known him as a man who deeply cares to the degree of a rather lively and at times runaway zeal as our german and irish blood of the generations can certainly lead us in such a fashion – as well i’ve always known him as a man to do everything he possibly ever can in the way of looking after his family from the basics to showing them the world – and then there’s the way everyone loves him as a man so fast to smile, so quick to laugh and so happy to simply have a good time with the best of them – yet i really didn’t ever have so keen of a picture of what it was really like for dad and my uncle growing up and now i’ve seen a greater eye-opening glimpse into that life –

you see in recent weeks he’s had no other option than to shine in truly being there for my mother and his wonderful wife of nearly 53 years now as she’s been in the shop getting some highly-needed mechanics changed out in the one leg – and to my mother i say a most heartelt congratulations in finding the strength to endure everything you are as you’re now in the midst of vigorously conquering extensive physical therapy having been away from your home for nearly 3 weeks at this point – i have the utmost respect for you in that it hasn’t been an easy journey yet i’m also imagining you’ll one day soon enough cheerfully be very grateful you went for it – and to my father in being there for mom in every additionally loving way that you have in these recent weeks i say thank you for being such a light in the way of giving us all an example of what it is in truly being their for your loved one when they’re needing you the most –

i’ve come to further learn of the great big size of your heart in hearing recent stories of how much you’ve done for your family and your extended family in these past 50+ years and with that i want you to know i’m amazed and exceptionally thankful – i’m amazed that one man has so successfully shouldered so much for so many and i’m exceptionally thankful in further realizing how much good you’ve instilled in me and in us all in being that guy, the man who has given so freely from his heart all throughout the years to the great collective blessing of your entire family and so many more beyond just us – 

i believe it may be altogether too easy to miss seeing just how wonderful some of the ones closest in our lives truly are as we see them sometimes in their every moment – and when that’s the situation sometimes it’s the lesser qualities and the lesser moments that we errantly let paint the picture of a person not so perfect – yet the picture of a person not so perfect i dare say aptly describes each and every one of us to one degree or another as that’s the human condition, isn’t it? – i wish my generation saw fortitude and dedication as dedicated as yours as commonplace yet it simply and unfortunately just isn’t so common in our modern day – it seems we’ve allowed ourselves to become far too distracted with so much that matters so little to none at all – as for me i’ve been blessed yet again in now seeing in such a far greater light as to just how amazing one life can be in creating so much good in so many other lives for so long of a time now – and dad if you’ve never felt it in quite the same way before please take this moment and all of your days from here forward feeling a now even greater love from your youngest one – i appreciate you, i thank you and i’ll always love you – you’re one of the good ones and you’re one of the great ones and to me you’re the best one i ever could have hoped for – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 



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