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coming home…

April 8, 2014


in a manner of speaking can have quite a number of meanings it seems depending on who we are and where we are in life – it sounds so perfectly simple and straight forward yet when we really reflect on it we find we have to already be in a place of having at least somewhat of the upper hand in the way of feeling true inner peace before we can even know what coming home means – and having that true inner peace is foundationally vital in giving rise to the quiet within us – in this day and age of the seemingly oh so super-smart handhelds we’re all literally iv’d into so little time’s invested into ourselves and our best interest in the way of our health in spirit, body and mind – and that’s a crying shame for far too many of us as we’re effectively stealing from ourselves as well as our closest loved ones ending up day by day further away from who we are and why we’re here – it seems there’s a system-wide shutdown with inner peace as an entirely foreign concept left on the cutting room floor as so many of us blindly keep running a race that’s not even ours – 

you see it all goes back to a land for some of us so far away to when we were kids typically and primarily free of anything disruptive or destructive as we were given the days to live in a freedom that always found us right at home and all the way alive – and then in our early teens we got zapped with the conditional ray-gun needlessly firing over and over at us the trapping words of stop fooling around and wasting time you need to study and get good grades so you can graduate and go to college and then get a (so-called) good job (making someone else wealthy and free) – that’s encouraging and ever so uplifting, isn’t it? – and it works just perfectly too, doesn’t it? – in the way that i see it and in what i’ve discovered in my working life is that none of it matters if you unwittingly traded in your soul for the masquerade of the white picket fence life as so many were sold over so many generations – it just doesn’t add up as indeed as we’ve all heard money does not buy happiness – happiness can only come from within – and from within is where we find it all in God as he is in there in every way in every golden thread of what we truly feel and know that we areand that’s truly following our heart and it’s the one and only way to go – it’s in finding him and returning to him and taking our lead by way of him in the stunningly perfect fashion of the holy spirit that we find everything and indeed we find our home, and we find we are home – and what a wonderful feeling this is as home’s the place where it all just happens with a spirit and a smile all in the way of everything the best in life awaiting us in our every turn – maybe that’s not our every minute yet it certainly does become the prevailing theme and storyline of our lives when we’re living at godspeed – and you know you know it because so many of the right people simply appear in our life as every window to the better and the best days flys open just the same as every door is closed no more – favor’s the latest headline wherever we seem to go and with whatever we seem to fancy as it all comes together far greater than ever before – 

so in the way i see it it’s always all about coming home and indeed in being home – and my home is here in my heart and within and from my heart with these words so gifted to me by the grace of God i travel this wide and wonderful world to the north in pennsylvania from where i began and from there in every direction to where we continue to meet with the both of us hopefully becoming the better for it – and for it all as always i say thank you God, thank you for such a wonderful life – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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