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such a grand feeling…

April 10, 2014


it is in arriving at a place in life where so much in the way of finding our way’s given us all something beautiful and new out of the ashes – in no way are we unique in this day and age where so many unfortunately take the seemingly easy yet ever so much the harder path of see you later sucker – and whether it’s said or not that’s the parting shot that’s effectively left resonating in quite the stinging fashion for far too long of a time after someone so loved simply bails – i mean let’s think about it as it’s right at that very moment when we cut that we most often times needlessly cast our fate away to the winds of foolish fancy that rarely ever deliver us into anything in the way of the world of life is beautiful – after all there’s been a divine creation that began at the hand of God as 2 became 1 falling in love as much as we’d like to think we’re the ones at the wheel – there’s a reason the 2 of us are different each with our unique strengths and our very human weaknesses everything the same – it’s in that chemistry that we both become a blessing to one another in moving our lives forward and upward and together with a synchronicity that’s simply impossible on our own – as to where and why the path begins winding this way that way and the other ultimately becoming altogether invisible for at least the one of us that’s a tale of discovery, forgiveness and redemption for another time – 

whereas the balance of these words are all about celebrating the giving, the living and the thriving once again in the brilliant new light found within the silver lining – it’s within this time of unexpectedly beginning again in anything we endeavor in that all and everything of the best in life becomes possible when we simply seek to see the good within the bad of what just was – it’s even more imperative that right when the tears of despair just barely begin to subside and right before any pointless anger crashes down setting forth in stealing our soul that we instead faithfully reach within and sincerely ask God where’s the good in all of this pain? – and when you do i believe you’ll find the very same freedom that i now do in every moment where this question becomes necessarily front and center – at the time of my greatest need in the way that it came to me in discovering what i so desperately needed to find i found a life-changing silver lining – and i began freeing these words onto these very pages from where they’d been pent up for 20 years in the depths of my heart back to the last time i simply wrote to write just for the feeling of it feeling good – and that’s what it’s all about in feeling good, isn’t it? – not feeling good from the ways and means of the world all being so rather dangerously at our fingertips but rather in feeling good, amazingly good, in the way of feeling all the way alive in the heart to the point you can hear a song within it in your every moment – and that brings me right into last evening as a moment i’d never imagined as one that would happen in my life simply just happened – so there we were my wonderful girlfriend of these past 3 years and her son with a heart of gold all together yet again blessed to be enjoying our favorite team in the world as they won a critically important victory in such a fine and breathtaking fashion – and seemingly out of nowhere and unlike our typical seating arrangement he sat down right next to me and threw his arms around me in the happiest and sincerest of manners to the point i didn’t even realize what was happening as i asked him warmly yet confoundingly what’t this all about? – and he simply said because i wanted to – and all at once i knew he felt something he hadn’t for many years now desperately trying to recover from the one who up and left them for another life so many years ago – and as he stayed right there for the next few minutes as we all watched the game i further realized i’d never felt a greater love ever before – and that to me’s just beautiful – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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