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April 12, 2014


came in the way of one vision just a short time ago that’s now unveiling a vibrancy in the minds and the talents and the so many creative offerings of a people in a place that for far too long’s been known by the few for not really all that much of anything – but not any longer as this amazing 2nd-year festival so aptly named one spark ( is revealing we are indeed a city of a gathering head of steam in the way of game-changing ideas, innovations and business models collectively landing us on the world-wide stage of what’s happening for the good the better and the best in this dear old world of ours – from the mind of an artist to the spirit of seemingly countless artisans and entrepreneurs, downtown’s where it’s at and where it’s all on display for these 5 days of well-needed and i dare say well-deserved celebration – i’ve been gifted in having an ever so fortunate eye on the pulse of it all in support of a long-time friend from the musical world and his amazing venture into social media {life in hi*fi} that’ll surely be a name known by the millions in the coming months – in this time over the past few days i’ve spoken to many a wide-eyed soul and the feeling coming from them all is palpable – as peter frampton himself sang so spiritedly in the 70’s something’s happening, and with us in this emerging city so unique it’s something very good, it’s something very good indeed – after all it’s one thing when a good idea’s born from the mind of just the one individual while it’s an altogether far more amazingly synergistic effect in having the support of thousands and thousands of our neighbors and friends not only now seeing what we have to offer but indeed celebrating it and being at the source of further funding it as well as crowdfunding’s the brilliant masterstroke of one spark – and that’s the spirit of community to a tee no matter where in the world one might be –

coming together as one to see what one another’s up to with our endeavors is quite the validation for the creators as they’re all so rightly being hailed as – and then there’s the further reward in the new word now spreading which often times leads to the trip down the primrose path of sure-fired success – and ultimately topping it all off’s the substantial financial reward for the cream of the crop as that’s a win for everyone as an entire city moves onward and upward into a brighter light as seen by the rest of the world – and that’s a good thing economically in any and every way you slice it – and there you have it as i tell the tale of something so special happening right here in the village named after a highly revered president from the distant past named jackson – and i tell this tale with a glint in my eye as it makes me incredibly happy to see and feel something so good jumping to life as that’s the very essence of inspirationand with inspiration by the ever loving grace of God anything and everything good is always possible – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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