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when a friend…

April 15, 2014


comes into your life it’s always such a fascination to wonder as to how the 2 paths even crossed in the first place, yet they did – then again how many of them are just meeting people acting friendly because someone told them that’s what they should do yet for a variety of well-founded empathy-gaining reasons that’s not really where they’re at at this point? – it doesn’t make them bad people, no, not at all – yet it does leave us all in the same position of always needing to be aware of what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing as we’re out and about convening in this conversation that one and the other – it’s a path taken along wisdom street in realizing that every conversation has a goal and not everyone’s goal is entirely coming from the heart shall we say – on the one hand there’s the friendly face with the sugary words arriving in a fast and furious fashion all of which may only be a masquerade of a hurting heart yet they very well may be someone entirely in love with life and everything about it – we have to listen very carefully to know who we’ve just met – it’s vital we realize where they’re coming from as we may indeed be the one to lead them out of a lifetime of everything effectively drilling down to an end result of painful discouragement – and likewise they may be the one to begin us on that very same enlightened and far happier path – and then there’s the other hand when we meet someone and the world seemingly comes to a stop not for what you may be thinking as 2 starstruck lovers in the making yet rather because 2 souls have made their way to one another in a meeting of happy hearts bullet-proof to the lesser ways of society – and when that happens 2 people both so blessed to be so strengthened in fearless faith by the grace of God come together without anything being held hostage and it’s here in this exchange where all of everything’s possible – 

so back to that first hand when we find ourselves in the company of a hurting soul this is where we as the brothers and sisters we should all be living as just have to see what’s happening in their eyes and further hear what’s happening in the very tone and tenor of their words as to state of their precious hearts – then and only then can we be a blessing in their lives as we can all make an instant decision of transcending anything the lesser that may have come from them knowing where it’s coming from and that it has absolutley nothing to do with us and that it has everything to do with us – ok now we’ve run right off of the rails in the way of making any sense, right? – well when we think about it for a minute it becomes apparent that what’s communicated to us and even more importantly how it’s laid on us is effectively the very best that person has in them at that moment no matter how bad it may seem – and further from there it’s invaluable that we realize it’s there entire lifetime that’s led them right to where they are on our path – everything good and everything bad just the same’s what they’re made up of, just like him, just like her, just like you and just like me – and in not understanding that is where i’d been making a lifetime of unwitting mistakes with every one of them needlessly missing grace – it’s a failing that i’m now clearly moving forward from where i’d quickly change tracks to one of feeling righteously offended as i’d entirely dismiss that my deciding to accept the feeling of being offended was indeed everything as bad if not even worse than the transgression fired my way to begin with – and this is where a wonderful, wiser and elder brother from another mother set me straight to the far greater benefit of my not only staying in peace but indeed being a blessing in the moments where blessings seemed to be in a land far far away – this is where i rediscovered that it has absolutely everything to do with me in every moment in that i decide the meaning to everything happening no matter how contrary to reason and reality it may seem to be to others – the gift lies within the grace of letting others be exactly as they’re expressing themselves to be without a single thread of misplaced judgment coming from me – and further from there i saw the light in the great blessing that it is to be genuine and respectful with them in return no matter what was given to you as even the simple gift in blessing them as you let them be to themselves is indeed golden – and that’s exactly the path i’ve taken and that i’m so thankful to be far greater aware of once again – it’s been one to instantly lead me to the immediate affect of virtually zero confrontation about anything with anyone anywhere and that’s the place to be – certainly none of this comes to mind when it’s all’s just clicking along in our better and our best meetings yet when that’s not where we’re at and we’re instead in need of the way back and the way up through and beyond these moments it’s just perfect in finding that it’s grace that’ll guide the way every single time – wishing you the kindest regard and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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