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at the dawn…

April 17, 2014


of a season of the right time i’m right in the midst of finding myself at the very beginning of seeing everything come to pass as it’s been granted to me in the one and only true vision i’ve ever been given in this life – and yes while that definitely sounds lofty and maybe altogether like the beginning of some epic story parading about on the silver screen it nonetheless very well tells the tale of what indeed is happening – and the beauty of it all is that i can feel it as i see it as if i’m already living it – and what’s more from there’s the peace in discovering it’s not even necessary let alone wise in trying to connect the dots taking me there – what i’m finding is that it’s all coming that much the faster as a result of letting go of the fiercely blinding grip i once gave into in believing that controlling it all was what would get me there – that as i’ve further come to learn what must surely be the most fascinating paradox in life in that as we set off in living our vision as coming from the heart it’s the letting go of making it happen that begins to allow just that – in letting go we give way to the world by the grace of God in availing us of so many fortunate coincidences coming to be on our behalf in every which way we carry on – some call them coincidences yet when you’ve added yourself to the team you realize he’s got your back and he always has and that it was only ever a matter of getting out of your own way and letting him guide you right into your greatest happiness – sounds ever so simple doesn’t it? – yet when you truly have fearless faith in your every measure (as i’ve only arrived at that amazing station myself in very recent times) you’ll see there’re are but just the 2 ways in which this wonderful and still in many ways mystifyingly certain world works – if you’ve given into the doubting fashion you can be sure to live in that land as i did at many times as well, certain of uncertainty and thriving in all of nearly nothing – and then there’s the other way when you dare to see your life as it will be in it’s best light living your days with all of the best of everything to match the gift in your heart that led you there in the first place –

there’s really not all that much difference in what’ll lead you in either direction as it all comes down to you and no one else – it’s all about you and what you see when you gaze into the mirror we’ve all been given called life – if you’re of the view of simply seeing a reflection consider yourself well on the way to gone as they’ve already got you exactly where they want you as another one bandying about this way that way and the other all effectively at someone or something else’s whim and fancy – and let’s face it in that place there’s not really much in the way of fancy in the way that you’d like it, is there? – and then there’s the way to see your life as it comes from the one and only place that you can really ever control and that’s the imagination – it’s in the imagination that you do just that imagine things in the form of images and therein lies the foundation of all of the understanding you’ll ever need to gain complete control of not only a day and a season but indeed of your very destiny – it’s when we lift ourselves up with that fearless faith in God’s mysterious and all-creating ways that we finally find the upper hand to it all’s in what we decide to see as possible and to be in our life – and further from there it’s absolutely vital in how we decide to see ourselves in arriving in that wonderful place most will only ever call a dream – in other words as we’ve all heard countless times in our adolsecence yet likely never truly understood it really is all about our attitude as leading to all of the good and all of the bad that’s possible as then created in the great unseen side of life so rightly called the mind of God

so where to begin to see the good of it all for yourself if you haven’t already? – well that’s entirely up to you as it all begins in a vision that must be uniquely yours – after all no matter what you may be errantly feeling there is something very special about at least the one gift if not many gifts you’ve been given – and you very well already know what that is and what they are and what you intend to be doing with them – try it out and set a goal and see it as already having happened which means you’ll have to visualize each and every day with a relaxed and knowing focus unlike ever before – yet know that it’s right inside of this very focus that you’ll literally begin to feel what it’s like in having arrived there even though it’s all only in your mind – know that it’s here where this God-given vision is now finding its breath – from there set a time with yourself that in every one of the next 30 days you’ll focus on your vision in every way that you can imagine without any lapse in faith then simply set about in your days as you have been and watch what happens – if it’s me throwing the dice i’ll be betting every time that you’ll almost instantly see the reality of your goal begin to line up with your vision – and even if it’s in the slightest of fashions trust in that it’s all happening and stay with it – as soon as that first so-called coincidence comes your way know that it’s not and celebrate it with a thanks to God in that you like me have finally begun to see – and from there watch out as the world, your world, you’ll see is truly in your hands with all of everything that’s already been written into the good and the better of your very best days awaiting you with a smile – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerockfiles/RRF~ 


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