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being there…

April 20, 2014


has many meanings in the way of the many degrees to which we can define such a phrase – nonetheless what it’s come to be to me in the way of the lessons of the heart that i was so desperately in need of discovering is that being there is everythingbeing there means accepting everything in the heart of the one nearest and dearest to ours – as well there’s an invaluable reality in recognizing that there’ll definitely be a seemingly unlimited series of silver lining opportunities – these are the ever so unique opportunities shall we say in making sense of some of the inevitable failings of emotion that very wrongly become confusingly stated as a matter of the heart – and that’s the story with us all i might imagine yet that’s not where it ends when we hold most dearly the purely immeasurable love of simply being there for our loved one – and that means being there not only when it’s all so wonderful and every stride’s taken along easy street yet rather it means standing by the broken-hearted at their most broken-down and giving them every hope we can – it means encouraging others even if only with a smile as they set off on what may be a long and winding journey of healing in recovering from a relationship that altogether vanished as stolen by the soul-blinding winds of a wayward society and one critically errant decision – it also means reaching all the way inside and giving of our every God-given gift we’ve been given to every brother and every sister on every path we travel – and that means being an inspiration where the light may be dim to nearly gone, in other words being a true fisher of men – after all being there for one another as guided by God is the very essence of life in that without it we’d all be lost and lonely – 

i have a lot of wonderful souls to thank in being there for me in so many ways all throughout my life in both the best of times and in those everything south of that – and to them all i am forever thankful – and to the exceptionally loving soul of a woman appearing right out of the ashes of being left behind after nearly 20 years i am thankful in a way that can only be seen with the smile i’ve had ever since she arrived – the golden heart that she is led her in being a friend to me in a way i’d rarely had in my life to that point – she encouraged and applauded me in continuing to do everything that was so indelibly stamped in my heart in finding a way back to reuniting with my wonderful wife – as well she led me in discovering an inner peace with God that then led to a greater tranquility in my soul than anything i’d ever felt before – she ever so spiritedly led me to the place we all inevitably find ourselves in when we realize it’s time to begin again and that it’s time to shine – as well she further gifted me with a greater understanding of compassion as i’d never lived within before – and that led me to getting back a footing to then standing all the way up to then feeling all of the best of myself as i hadn’t truly felt in far too long of a time – and when that happened life began thriving once again in a new and brilliant way as i’d found meaning and purpose in the grandest design – i finally found the right direction and right along with it came an entirely new life – that loving soul of a woman became the love i’d been seeking all along – and in these past 2 plus years since we began as 1 i’ve been given a beautiful family and a dedication i didn’t feel i’d ever know in my life – all together i couldn’t have ever imagined this is where i’d be in such a short swing of a time yet i am – and further from there’s come a clarity of vision in knowing and already feeling exactly where we’re all now headed and it’s absolutely amazing – and to think it all came from her simply being there – happy birthday, thank you and i love you minnesotagirl – with the kindest regard wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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