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the look of love…

April 22, 2014


has a way about it that tells me nearly everything that otherwise would take a lifetime of conversation to arrive at – the many tones and tenors with which we see and hear this most beautiful of emotions is indeed a gift that serves to remind us that love really is all around – at the very essence of everything that travels from one heart to another without even as much as a whisper i find it’s all said in that one exceptionally captivating look – it’s a scene in and of itself not to be found in the theatre and not even on the silver screen as it’s impossible to act out such a feeling to that genuine of a degree as to what happens when it’s coming straight from the heart – it’s an image as a blessing that gives us even greater meaning to our lives as without it we’d never truly be complete – it’s a feeling greater than any other as to really knowing we’re loved in this life for everything we are and everything we are not – it’s very well the validating lifeblood that says there’s something so elegantly wonderful inside of every one of us – and for me just last evening i was ever so blessed in returning to that altogether rare and immeasurably wonderful feeling in literally seeing every single thread of love in her heart – after several years together and all out of nowhere she walked over to me wearing the most beautifully glimmering eyes overflowing with love as perfectly accompanied by a smile for a lifetime and further from there – the words she so lovingly said will always and forever be heard and felt in every facet of my heart yet how fascinatingly breathtaking it is in that everything she said all had already arrived in just that one precious look – and that is the look of love – wishing you one in the very same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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