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operation spirit…

April 25, 2014


came to mind just earlier today as such unexpectedly moving words just dropped into my world more or less out of nowhere from a new and quite eloquent acquaintance of mine – and with his words came a nearly unlimited lift in faith in a way that just doesn’t seem possible when i’m already finding myself running with a fearless spirit in this fantastic new season in my life – yet that’s exactly what happened for me earlier as our paths crossed once again and my new friend shared with me with such a heartfelt candor as to his sincere appreciation for what i’m endeavoring to accomplish in simply spreading the good word in these pages – when i think about it i realize it’s caring words like his that’ll surely lead me in finding the world – it really cannot be overstated as to how exceptionally engaging it is to hear such thankful and thoughtful words – in the way that i see it we all should experience this kind of brotherly love every day of our lives – as cliched as it may sound it is indeed priceless in being gifted with such encouragement from anyone and maybe even more so from someone you’ve only recently met – it just seems to be the way it works when we finally find the speed where life’s coming together piece by piece in a fashion that can only come from God – for me i’ll be forever thankful in living my days with a fortune of blessings that have steadily been painting the emerging masterpiece of my second season in this wonderful thing we call life – in many ways now looking back at how it all came to begin in such a depressing crush of heartbreak as she simply just left after nearly 20 years, i couldn’t have imagined anything i’ve been experiencing as being that of my life in these past 25 months and counting yet somehow i did – what an elegant surprise it truly is in having moments like these touch my life seemingly every day of late – it quite literally’s been leading me to a newfound excitement as i head off to sleep every night carrying a gratitude for all the good that’s happening and a smiling wonder of what tomorrow’s gift is going to be – what’s even greater than everything so wonderful i was given in the beautiful words of my friend is their invaluable echo that’ll resonate in my heart for a lifetime – and with that neverending gift i’ll forever be even further inspired in giving back and blessing all of the wonderful souls on my path everything the same – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 



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