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off her rocker…

April 26, 2014


went the little one last evening as we were all so excitedly listening to that wonderful little song titled happy that we’ve all literally been addicted to since it ever so soulfully danced its way off of the silver screen and all the way into our lives just last year – and here we are many months later and it now seems to be an even hotter hit as it’s recently re-arrived on the latest from pharrell williams – it seems to me it’s a rare commodity in the way of the arts in finding a song that delivers such a suddenly sweeping feeling of instant happiness yet this one really does – it’s such an infectious feeling that much the greater when it’s more than just yourself listening as everyone’s clearly taken away to all of the same collectively strengthened joyful effect – for me everything i could ever imagine as wonderful comes over me as if it’s all happening right there and then – and that’s the place to be – and there we all were after a fantastic time oceanside at one of her very favorite places with the perfect menu for an early summer type of scene like we’re already having here in our corner of the world and she lost it – she just lost it and then i lost it and her mother lost it everything the same all from what i seem to do best in making people smile if not hopefully having a good laugh as well – it all came from the simple and yet highly insincere question to Chloe as to whether he was saying come along and grab a cab and eat a burger on a book?! – yeah not exactly monty python but for the little one first and then for her mother and myself it apparently was all we needed to nearly fall out of our chairs right there at the restaurant and it just felt fantastic – yeah you probably had to be there and in the vibe we were so fortunate pharrell had us all in to get a better take on what sent us into stitches nonetheless i hope you’re smiling everything the same – i guess the simple plan behind sharing such a perfect scene of nonsense within these pages is for nothing other than giving thanks to God for giving us all such a wonderful moment – it’s these moments in between everything we so errantly tend to focus on as to what already was as well as what may never be that give us some of what will surely become the best memories of a lifetime – and with that in mind i say live your days to the fullest and the liveliest with all of the zest and the zeal of everything in your heart and never hold back – and as you do you’ll find you’ll never have any regrets forever leading your days with a smile in your heart and a face that says i am happy – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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