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don’t forget to remember…

April 30, 2014


everything good there’s ever been in your life as it’s vital in discovering the best of what it all can be right at this very minute – it’s an oddity in our design letting images of the lesser experiences find their way to the top of the mind first – yet that just seems to be the way that it is for the far too many of us to the degree some are even drowning from their past – however that’s not the end of the line as there’s definitely a far better way to set about living our days – the good book tells us right there in psalm 77:11-12 {nlt} but then I recall all you have done, o Lord; i remember your wonderful deeds of long ago. they are constantly in my thoughts. i cannot stop thinking about your mighty works. – and what this so masterfully tells us is to dwell on all that made us smile and all that was good and indeed every blessing we have ever been so gifted with in our life – it further tells us that for our best well-being that it’s within this perfect frame of a thankful mind that we find the way into the never-ending path of grace as led by God – and it’s in this grace unlike any other that we come into the rhythm where we’re thriving with a pulse and a pace in traveling the road that’s already been made just for us – at times it’s altogether too easy to stray far away from the life that we know in our heart is ours given the many glittering temptations and effectively wayward advice that we allow in our way – it’s an absolute must in staying ever keenly aware of what we’re deciding to see and focus on as well as selecting with wisdom as to the ones we’re investing our time with – we must always keep in mind that we’re the one effectively deciding what our life will be – at every turn from every thought as then leads to all that we say and do we’re the one leading the way – and that’s how we become who we create ourself to be – and when we truly realize all of this potentially collective harmony as to how one relates to the other from a memory to the moment we see how invaluable it is in celebrating everything good in our lives – and everything good means everything from recalling the finest thread of a loving memory to the grandest re-telling of an entire story – every day that we find ourself weaving these wonderful times from the past from one minute into the next what happens is nothing short of amazing – it’s in this groove where the past and the present somehow begin to drive the very same train at an otherwise unattainably faster rate right into our destiny and right into our very best days – good begets good even when it’s driven by a distant and fleeting memory we can’t even put our hands on – and that my friends is godspeed – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 



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