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dynamic’s the word…

May 3, 2014


that defines one amazing lady steadily giving this city a lift and a love seen far too rarely in the way of making a difference as coming entirely from the heart – she’s the leader of a wonderful organization where the 2nd chance really may indeed be the first one many of these souls coming back into society truly have ever had – as an organization character counts carries about all across the nation in it’s mission of instilling a framework of well-serving foundational values for the ones they serve and here in our fair city she’s the one leading the way in making it all happen – it’s quite the noble undertaking endeavoring in an effort where the funding’s entirely sourced from well-intending donors – yet she brings it all into focus time and time again month after month all to what’s becoming a rather dramatic effect – and what’s so dramatic is where she’s arriving with the further vision she’s been given in now creating a wonderful effort called conscious eats – and what they do in the way of redirecting an unfathomable bevy of perfectly good extra food from restaurants concert halls and stadiums to those in need is nothing short of an inspiration – and that’s just some of what this amazing woman does in the working hours which often times for her run well into overtime – what’s further from there’s the ever welcoming disposition and manner from which she gives her all to everyone in her life – and if you knew everything she’s conquered that her body’s thrown her way in the past many years you’d be all that much more the amazed with the glorious spirit she lives within – she gets it, she really gets it and because she does she’s receiving it all back in spades and then some as a collective blessing by the grace of God is running through everything surrounding her – and that quite exceptionally includes the great acclaim and accomplishment she gained at the recent internationally celebrated and city-defining festival celebrating emerging entrepreneurs here in northern florida called one spark – 

she met me with a highly spirited friendliness the very first time we crossed paths at a benefit several years ago – at the time i was very lovingly intent on building my then wife into a one-woman empire given the gathering notice that was well underway of her immense artistic and fashion sensibilities as further lead by an exceptionally vibrant and giving personality – so there we were and as i’m always one to be turning someone on to a very good thing i began telling my new acquaintance all about Rena as i sensed she really cared about what i was saying – and she really did and she went on to fill my head with a series of wonderful ideas about how to get her to the next level for which i was greatly appreciative – i could tell she not only cared but also that she clearly knew what she was talking about – i had met someone who would become quite the wonderful friend – as to just how wonderful i’d find that out just a few years later when my world was turned entirely upside down with my wife and best friend of 19 years seemingly deciding out of the blue on an entirely different life without me which was devastating –  and there she was my wonderful friend of just the few short years helping me in a way so intrinsically key to getting back up and finding myself again – and that lead to finding the now certain path to my destiny as emerging in these very pages as one day to the next becomes more and more fascinating – she encouraged me, she listened to me, she asked me diligently thoughtful questions – in fact she even invited me to write for her foundation at the greatest point of discontent and heartache i’d ever known in my life – and that was highly uplifting in more ways than i could ever properly say or thank her for – many of you reading these words already know very well what a wonderful soul she is and you like me count yourself fortunate and indeed quite blessed to call her a friend

there’s an everlasting light all about the wonderfully healing one named nightingale – in popular culture there’s the fondest of regard for the tv mother an entire generation saw played by a most charming woman named henderson – and in our increasingly illuminating little corner of the world there’s the dynamo we all know and love as florence haridan – florence you’re a blessing of a friend and a treasure to society and for that we all say thank you and may God continue to bless you beyond your wildest imagination – with the kindest of regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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