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they call me country…

May 6, 2014


he said to me as we were parting ways mine to an awaiting family and his possibly to the west by way of the open road – and for this fellow soul traveling the path less traveled i couldn’t help but wonder how he’d ever make his way there yet i somehow knew he very well would – he said he had family up north not too far from some of mine in the midwest and that he had the 5 kids up there of which none had likely heard his voice in far too long – and as saddening as that was to hear it was an even further downer finding out that 13 years had gone south in that he and his wife were now married no more – he said it was a story far too long to tell at this meeting and i respectfully said i understand – and in a way i really did understand without as much as a single detail beyond his one lone statement that she wouldn’t let him do anything in the way of being a man – i’m not really sure exactly what that meant or which one of them was in the wrong yet it was likely 2 dancing that tango as it always tends to be – and when that happens it’s the opposite of what either one was truly looking for as to what ultimately ends up happening – it’s in many ways the law of the unintended consequence to a tee – she apparently ran in divorcing him and now he’s running clearly trying to escape the pain – and all the while there’s a life-draining void working over all 7 of them – at the moment they’re a family in pieces – and it’s an altogether too common american tragedy that’s been playing out to a great destructive discord for far too many years now – it’s to the degree where society’s seemingly addicted to it just waiting for the next one to die – nonetheless here he was and there we were

i’d thought i needed to make a stop and then realized it could wait another few days so i quickly began to turn right back around to leave just as fast as seconds earlier i was about to park – and then i saw him standing there seemingly invisible to everyone passing by – along with a rather downtrodden disposition that none of us should ever lapse into feeling he had a makeshift sign that said he was hungry and needed work – and within me that strikes quite the stirring chord – it’s in the blood from family before me and very likely well before that in finding myself swept up with an indescribable empathy as for what they must be feeling when i see someone in such a bind – in the way that i see it it’s not for me to judge why but rather to figure how i can help a fellow traveler in this place – at one point in the past i’d certainly notice the same scene and well more often than not i’d help in some sort of fashion knowing in my heart it’s the right thing to do – yet now there’s an immeasurably burning drive in me to speed comfort their way as well as giving my best in offering any hope, healing and further inspiration i can to anyone so seeking it – and that’s what i did – i took him a brand new tin of almonds as well as some bottled water and offered him my card and some words of blessing by the grace of God – in return he was particularly thankful and at that point i could clearly hear God asking me to further share a few minutes with him asking him to share some of what was going on in his life – and as i did just a tad of a greater light came over him as he seemed to very genuinely appreciate the attention being given to him and the fact that someone would stop and take the time to see how he was doing – he went on to tell me of his dream to get back to colorado and right there and then i could tell that’s the place he’s hoping he and his family will come together once again – a spirit began to return in his voice at this point that i suspect hadn’t been there in many a day or maybe even longer – i could see it in him as much as i could feel it everything the same – and what a gift it was for me in seeing how simply trying to lend a hand and an ear was so fueling to the soul of a man i’d never met before and very likely may never see again – so as the foundation comes to life from one city to the next and the many of us come to eventually meet let us always remember and celebrate that it’s moments like that in the lifting of the spirit of a man they call country as to what it’s all about – with eyes wide open wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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