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May 8, 2014


comes natural is sometimes a rather precipitous place to arrive in when you’ve been through a massively monumental change in your life – of course it all depends on the way it all came to be yet when it’s lead with a limitless compassion the words flow in a rhythm and a rhyme that only best comes from saying we – every time a memory comes to mind that’s altogether positive and everything worthy in sharing it’s also coming from half of my life as united with the first wonderful woman i felt i’d always have at my side – and even with her unexpectedly deciding after 19 years that she’d be better off beginning again i nonetheless feel a spirit from the past that’s feeding the present to the great collective benefit of everyone in my life – having risen above a world of regret as felt by more than a lifetime’s worth of tears into the latter throes of what clearly’s been a primarily successful healing i still find myself saying we – it’s in these moments in saying we from a life that was even to the new and beautifully wonderful woman i’ve now been so graced with that i simply cannot come to say i – none of these memories that seem to serve me so well in carrying a past happiness into the waking moment of a present joy came from the walk of just one – it was the 2 of us and it always was – yes it isn’t any longer and i fully accepted that quite a time ago yet i hope she understands that the happier i feel inside as lead by the better and the best memories of the one i was with is all by the grace of God – it’s all by the grace of God in some inexplicable fashion that gives way to an even greater happiness in the here and now with my new and everything as beautifully wonderful of a woman that is her, the one now along with me that makes us we – i surely don’t know how that all comes together in the ever winding mystery of how God leads us right to where we’re asking to be and it absolutely just doesn’t matter – it’s all good – in fact it’s all amazing – i did, we did and she & i did – from all of the good of a time that was 19 years to all of the good, the better and the best of these past 26 months it’s everything of the blessing that it ever was – in the end it’s all from the heart and when it is all is right and the spirit’s flying – wishing you one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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