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my mother…

May 12, 2014


is completely wonderful – she’s always been there for me at every single turn in my life and she’s done it with a grace and a passion that long ago instilled a rise within me in setting forth with the same caring spirit – and if there is such a thing at times as caring too much then we’ve both definitely lived through those highs and lows in our respective lifetimes – however and most importantly we’ve always come through the other side with an even greater strength and conviction in going the way of forgiveness and compassion as the guiding lights in leading our days to the fullest – i’m not really sure why one soul’s given such an unlimited loving light that can be felt in just the one simple smile even upon first meeting her yet that defines my mother to a tee – by 1969 when i arrived it’s well more than fair to say my mother who was only 29 years old had her hands very full with the 3 of us as well as her 2 brothers and my father all looking to mom as the unique and ever so critically important rock that binds a family together in a way that can only come so lovingly from a mother – you see her and her brothers had lost their father at a very early age for all of them with mom not even 21 years old and her brothers somewhere near ten years younger than that – yet by the grace of God my mother was given an immense talent for loving kids and with that talent she managed to find a partner with everything as big of a heart in my father who happily created a family of 5 that at many times in the 1960’s became one of 7 and somehow it still all came together without ever running entirely off of the tracks –

in my younger years as well as right to this very day i honestly cannot remember anything other than so much good as coming from my mother to me and my brother and my sister – mom played with us – mom made the coolest clothes for us – mom always had on the best music for us – and mom laughed with us at every turn – i can remember mom telling us countless amusing stories about her family over the years whether we were on another roadtrip off to california, a camping trip to yellowstone or a flight to the bahamas – mom always kept us entertained – i remember the first time i witnessed my mother’s exceptional tenacity and charm as she chatted with a handful of white house staffers in line alongside the south lawn some 30 years ago as we were visiting washington d.c. – we’d made our way over for a tour of the white house that morning only to unexpectedly and quite disappointedly find it closed for visitors because of president reagan returning from the hospital – yet unlike other visitors on that day my mother simply said hello to a few of the people she saw in line initially not kowing why they were there and that’s when we found out they were white house staffers who had been invited to a special south lawn reception for the president’s return – and of course that sounded quite good to mom and within mere minutes she secured 3 extra tickets for the 3 of us and within just minutes from there we found our way through security and right into a small gathering alongside the entire cabinet and the navy brass band watching the president and nancy arrive by helicopter to a red carpet greeting – it was a spectacle unlike any other i’ve ever been a part of and we even have pictures! – and for that and so many more absolutely wonderful memories laughing and traveling and having the best of times in many a great family gathering here there and everywhere i say thank you mom, you are the best! – we all love and adore you and always will – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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