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leading the blind…

May 14, 2014


away from where i’ve been before’s a mission of the heart well more than that of one of the hands-on – there comes a time in many of our lives where everything just seems to get bad and we really can’t find anything in the way of good that’s actually good for us and we begin acting like someone that no one we know really seems to know – and when that happens all bets are off because that means it’s crisis-time as in midlife crisis – and what’s so awfully self-debilitating and in most instances highly self-destructive as well is the stranglehold of self righteousness that sets in – and again when that happens nothing good’s on its way –

it’s been found from well-vetted analysis over the last many decades of pschological study that what’s happening when a person’s in a crisis is that there’s more or less a sudden boiling-over of many years of unresolved and deep-seeded pain now coming to the surface in the form of crazyville – and that pain always always and did i say always stems directly from troubling aspects of childhood in the way of vitally necessary elements of proper nurturing love that are missing – it’s not fair, it’s not right and it’s way more than it is what it is – and now it’s all coming out with a massively angered, saddened and confused vengeance where good feelings seem like a foreign concept – and that’s when that person we know and love becomes nearly unrecognizable – and when there’s a loved one in your life that’s been there for a good length of time they become the one it’s all taken out on – they’re your greatest asset hands down yet when you’re so far out of your mind with all of the negativity that’s paralyzing your heart and all of your better and best sensibilities they very wrongly become the perceived reason for why your life is running so far off of the rails in where you’re now acting like a clueless teenager – you’re right and everyone else is wrong – anything that’s not right in your life is far worse in the presently anguished eyes all of your bad emotions are poking and prodding at you to see with from one minute to the next – and what’s even worse than all of this is that typically you’ll let it get to a point in having to take quite a hard fall before you even begin to ask what is happening with my life? – any one of us having already been there would love to be able to pull you aside and help you begin to see the light yet it’s sadly pointless when you’re not looking for it – it’s a catch 22 of the cruelest fashion –

and there you have it being completely helpless to help the one so desperately needing help yet so arrogantly consumed with a deafening inner hurt – and that leaves but the one thing left to do that hopefully’s already been leading the way and that’s to pray for them – pray that they finally see the light in the love that is God within them – pray that they give way to God working within them in leading them to realize they need guidance from those wiser and stronger than they are – and pray that they forgive themselves and anyone who has trespassed against them in finding their way to the peace that is a life lead with compassion – pray if they have a family that even for the one moment they see life through the eyes of the ones that love them the most – pray for them in that they can begin to remember what it’s like to be truly happy – pray for them in that they remember the day they fell in love – pray for them in that they remember the day they said i do – and pray for them in that they remember how indescribably wonderful and complete they felt in seeing their first newborn child – no matter what they may be saying and how hard it may seem to keep deflecting all of their pain know that they need you and please keep praying for them – wishing you peace and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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