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oh my God!…

May 18, 2014


said in just the right way is an absolutely beautiful expression of the utmost sincerity in thankfulness to the one and only wonderful one within us all – after all anything and everything the good and the greater we’ll ever know is indeed by his love – it’s in his love in that we even are in having life and further from there in having a wonderful life as coming from what he leads us to see, to feel and receive – reaching back to many years ago there’s an excellent clapton track titled it’s in the way that you use it and within that same loving spirit it’s everything the same that we should be applying to these 3 words – yet when heard for the most of us most of the time they’re coming across in an altogether unloving light absent of any grace – oh my God that’s awful, oh my God that’s not fair and oh my God did you hear about so and so what they did? – and that’s the way of the world when the head’s misleading the heart as so often prevails within the human condition when the spirit’s yet to be discovered – and that’s a place laden with trepidation, interruption and so-called satisfaction of the rather deceptive kind as a gathering strength in what we think, feel and say typically leads to what we live – and it’s happening every day whether it’s the truly good life we’re thriving in or the one of what amounts to living like a highly unpaid actor in a play of steady depression and inevitable defeat –

in other words it’s all in the words we say that lead us directly to the life that we will live – and so it is i am that i am as God said to moses so long ago in that we are what we are in giving rise and life to the very thoughts that we speak – no one knows exactly how and why this all happens in such a fashion yet it invariably and always does – even many of the most brilliant quantum minds of the present celebrate this wondrous simpatico in how the one relates to the other in what is surely the gift of being given the keys to the kingdom in this life – and then again popular culture by way of pharrell quite happily seems to have it nailed just the same in one of the better lines of late saying it straight to the street in the way of clap along if you feel like a room without a roof! – and that’s just it when we keep ourselves unlimited and uncapped a la that wonderfully missing roof in that we find our way into the winning side of life as lead by a mind receptive to everything good in the way of thriving in our best days all at godspeed – so in the end it’s not only a matter of it is what it is yet rather that’s the way that it is – wishing you one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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