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May 22, 2014


of music comes for me so many invaluable memories from witnessing the icon of all icons still giving his all just before he left this life to crossing paths with some of the finest players i never even paid for on the streets of new york city – with a pristine ticket still in hand all of these years later it fascinates and thrills me that i was treated to the best there ever was as my mother took me to see the one and only elvis presley as my first concert in late 1976 – i mean what an impression on a kid of just nearly 7, and while i certainly can’t recall it all i do vividly remember that amazing stance of his as well as a thundering wall of applause and the many screams of delight that went along with it – in all sincerity i feel as if i captured an added measure of confidence in my way of composure literally from just being there as elvis was that truly captivating and magnetic of a presence to be around – from there it was my brother who was so cool as to take me along to see foreigner nearing their peak on the foreigner 4 tour with a relatively unknown canadian upstart named bryan adams on saint patrick’s day in 1981 – as you might imagine it was a fantastic scene that night at the coliseum with both bands just killing it – and then the following day at the rather uptight catholic school i was at that particular year i was the 6th grade as everyone was asking me all about the show as they couldn’t believe i got to go – once again i give thanks to my very hip mother who was an expert sock-hopper just 25 years earlier in the 1950’s for letting both my brother and myself out to experience one of the cooler sides of life that night in 1981 – music was in our veins and thankfully it’s never left – 

in the coming years as i made my way into my early 20’s i ended up seeing everybody from neil diamond to sinatra and pavarotti all the while as shows seeing rush, the who and pink floyd made their way into my life everything the same – to me it’s always simply been a matter of excellent composition’s excellent composition and that’s it – and with that massively liberating guideline mom lead us into respecting when it came to the musical arts my path has lead me in many directions in the way of listening to live music over the years – and it’s all been for the far better from the minutes and hours in which it was happening right to this very day as i can so happily recall so many amazing concert experiences – in fact 50 or more of them including everyone from steely dan to prince and john denver well more than define quite an exciting chapter with the wonderful woman i once was so fortunate to call my wife – we even met quite the many of them with the one time where she even danced up on stage with one bruce hornsby, and what an excellent memory that will always be – so as i reflect as abba once sang it in such fine 1970’s fashion i now also simply say thank you for the music – it’s made all the difference in my leading such a fortunate and fascinating life and i wouldn’t have it any other way – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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