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stand or fall…

May 25, 2014


    says it all from right from when it’s said and then again says absolutely nothing when it’s met with the deafening pain of a nearly lost soul – it seems there comes a time for many of us out there where it’s just that in that the time has come – the time has come to stand up tall not in front of the eyes of the world but rather in front of the eyes of God – and that means it’s high time to put an end to any and all of the hurt that we’ve ever endured especially that most piercing of pain from the time when we we had no options and took in everything we saw, heard and felt in our adolescence – after all that’s what made us yet that’s never the ending result of what defines us – and it’s not about blame as that’ll only ever make it that much more excrutiating of an existence in our heart and indeed in every heart that’s anywhere even close to us, especially in those of our children – living to blame is a trap, yet it’s one we can easily free ourselves from when we realize that we live our life as we decide to lead it – and that comes from everything in the way of how we and not some distant and deadly painful memory tells us otherwise – from there we have only the one option as everything good that may ever come up and away out of the ashes from a painful past is indeed born as a child of forgiveness – everything springs forward from there – out of forgiveness we become reborn in every sense and every lifegiving relief of what happens when we release anything the lesser in giving it up to God – that’s the very instant when both hope and healing begin their loving embrace within and around every golden thread in our heart – and when that happens we can begin again to see this wondrous and amazing gift we call life as it is in all of its glory in the here and now of the present – it’s in this place we also begin again to see how richly blessed we truly are and we begin to feel all of the possibility of everything so wonderful in once again breathing life into the precious gifts we’ve been given – we can see through his eyes all the while hearing his beautiful voice within us as we ascend into living from within our hearts giving of our every God-given gift out to the world from there – and that leads us right into being a blessed difference on every path we travel setting a smile upon the face of every soul we touch – we’re smiling once again, smiling at everything and everyone everywhere we go – and so it is to stand or fall is all that we can really ever do, so what’s it going to be for you? – wishing you all of everything so wonderful in living life in the beautifully spirited peace of forgiveness, compassion and love as well as God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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