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i saw the better…

May 30, 2014


and even the best side of life just last evening as it came in a wonderful story of the brokenhearted discovering complete redemption in a journey right back to the very beginning of what once was – it was a story i imagine quite the many of us may far too easily identify with in the way of the heaviness of lasting heartache that can come at us from so many directions including far too often right from our very youngest of years – it’s further well worth noting the particularly stinging trace of a lasting heartache as then coming from a breakdown between 2 lovers that in its essence is still nonetheless defined by love – as well as the pain this wonderful story also fell ever so amazingly into the most beautiful side of humanity in bringing to light a most redeeming reunion of the best loving celebration a family could ever hope for – for all that it tells so masterfully in the most touching fashion seeing this wonderful film so simply titled as chef is a winning move in every way – 

yet where this story begins unfortunately comes from a place where so many of us are all too aware of in the destructive influence modern culture’s continuing to have on the disintegration of the family structure in these past many decades – and what’s even worse is how much is being stolen from our next generation in the pathetic way in which we effectively keep our children suffering in doing without the best of us because we’re unhappy as if that’s somehow fair to them – it’s imperative in realizing that resiliency only goes so far without the building blocks in what makes for the foundation of an adolsecent rising through maturity into that of being a well-rounded adult in spirit, body and mind – as well never understimate in that what they saw and what they keep on seeing tells them everything in their easily compromised developing manual of here’s how to live life – it’s all there both in a presence of mind and far worse than that as to what was threaded into the fabric of their subconscience as to how to carry on in their every relationship – after all they’re looking to you, they’re listening to you and they’re counting on you – 

as an adult they can fight it yet most often when they do they’re entirely unaware they’re in fact ever so needlessly fighting it all out against what once was with the one they’re now with – the one they’re now with being the one who came into their life most typically in the greatest of loving ways as their one and only, the one they decided to share everything with, the one that completes them – so if you’re finding yourself right there you have to ask yourself not what’s wrong with her or him or the rest of the world but rather what’s wrong inside of you? – and you have to further realize the difference between the deafening assault in constantly hearing the words of want as led by an upset mind in crisis as opposed to the sudden resolution that comes in hearing that quiet voice within – know that it’s this exceptionally quiet voice that’ll most certainly always lead you to the greater peace that rests within you – and it’s within this greater peace where you’ll be given the way through and beyond what’s only really a temporary storm – and as you rise up through and above it all take the greatest delight in knowing that voice is indeed the voice of God – in hearing him through the holy spirit you’ll realize all at once it’s not your fault yet you’ll know with a mission it’s your absolute responsibility to do the right thing and turn it all around – maybe audrey hepburn said it best in that people, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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