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thank you is one…

June 2, 2014


of the very best pairings of words we can ever bring to life anywhere, everywhere and completely all of the time – with even just the softest of sincerity saying these words will lead us across every threshold ever worth crossing – i give thanks to you in effect is what we are saying in just 2 words flat in saying thank you – and the measure with which it resonates goodwill and the return of the very same in kind is indeed invaluable – hello, goodbye, please and thank you are in many ways the keys to the kingdom in coming into speed with our destiny – it seems to me there’s not a soul alive that doesn’t appreciate being genuinely greeted both coming and going as well hearing the gracefully elegant kindness of someone simply sharing such words as please and thank you – it further seems to me that when we lead our thoughts with an unlimited spirit of thankfulness we avail ourselves to a life of everything the better in what arrives as coming from forgiveness, compassion and loveforgiving others for any and all transgressions and trespasses of the heart always leads us into finding ourselves gaining all of the same healing within as we effectively forgive ourselves for any failing that may have come from us to another – no matter the who, the what and the why let alone the rest of it all, to forgive is to begin again redeemed in the blessing of another chance at getting it right this time around – so to forgive is indeed divine – and then there’s compassion and all of the greater hope, healing and inspiration we’re able to give to another that comes from everything so beautiful as born out of compassion – compassion’s for the life that another’s lived possibly far more difficult than anything we’ve ever felt or imagined – and then there’s compassion in the celebration of everything so blessed as that being lived in the life of another whether that’s family or a friend or even the completely perfect stranger – and finally there’s the very essence of life as coming in the gift of love as the greatest of anything we can ever endeavor in – love is the key to a life well-lived as love is tantamount to anything else we’ll ever feel or that’ll ever matter – without love we have nothing – with love we have everything – and to God above me around me and within me i simply say as always thank you – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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