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five years…

June 6, 2014


is what it was and what a fascinating time it must have been for everyone around me – what i seem to thankfully remember is what was so much good that came into my life in that time – yet while i was appreciative of all of the good that was happening in some ways in others i was entirely blind from the generations – unwittingly i far too often gave in to letting my days effectively be stolen blaming away everything bad in my life ever so self-destructively on someone else – you see when it’s happening it just feels so right in finding that one person to blame as there just seems to be so much reason why to do it – however that’s the greatest lie of the midlife crisis as it’s really only ever a breakdown with an invitation for one – and while i pray to God this isn’t you nonetheless trust in that there is very likely someone near and possibly very dear in your heart that’s right in the midst of it all – that’s why they’re not themselves these days and they’re just not feeling good or right or happy – they’re sad, they’re angry, they’re confused and they’re up against it in every way fighting to find some glimmering ray of hope of a way out – yet well more often than not that way out’s a soul-stealing fantasy born of desperation from all of the pain as further fortified by the errantly wrong conclusions of a mind temporarily captured by negativity – that’s when it seems like running’s the only way yet for countless reasons it rarely ever is – feeling bad and sad and anything in the way of mad only ever leaves us on our back with the heavy foot of needless anguish flat across our throat solving nothing –

so whether it’s you or another there is but the one question to ask – does it make any sense whatsoever that anger and any of its fake friends falsely encouraging more of it adds up to a good thing in any way, shape or fashion? – will it be anger that actually leads you into anything in the way of redemption, peace or the happiness of a better life? – any one of us knows better in that we get what we give and we live it as we see it – after all it’s the way that we see it as to how we feel it and therein lies the answer – so whether it’s you or you’re lovingly leading a lost soul the message is one in the same in that it’s high time to rise up, raise your hand and get the help you so richly need and deserve never forgetting all of the ones who love you, especially those the closest – for reaching out for the help of another wiser, smarter and more successful than ourself is indeed the single greatest strength any of us will ever know – and here’s an excellent place to start – – wishing you all of the guiding light in God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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