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hey sister…

June 10, 2014


i have your back, i always have and i always will – from the moment we met so many years ago i was completely taken with just how kind, caring and happy of a person you are – what a rare combination and what a blessing it is to all of us so fortunate to be in your life – you’re a wonderful friend, an amazing mother and just as loving of a daughter as i’m sure everyone will agree – so here we are now all these years later and i know these past many months have been a trial for you in seemingly far too many ways just the same as i know God’s given you an inner strength far greater than for the many of us to rise up, above and beyond it all – it’s in this invincible strength i feel you know you’re the one they’re all counting on as well as you know it’s all a part of his plan for your life – let’s face it i’m sure you’ve always had this precious gift as a calm and confident soul living as an inspiration to all of those around you and now’s your time to shine – i never knew you as a child yet i can so clearly see you’re the one who always had friends that’ve counted you as one of their very best – in the time we’ve been in one another’s lives we began as brother and sister-in-law yet now in the aftermath of the far lesser ways of the world with separation’s deceit stealing yet another marriage we’ve become just 2 people many states away – her brother and his wife and his sister and her husband is what we all once were in the way of 2 marriages now down to 1 and the paper-given titles that came along with it yet that’s no longer – however that’s not the end of this tail as something so wonderful’s been happening ever since that fateful day my world was turned on a dime 37 months ago –

in the entirely unpredictable way of God and the love he leads us with there’s been a meeting of hearts between us as united by a greater understanding of what we’ve lived on our respective journeys with these 2 wonderful sibling-souls from their very best days to their times of greatest upset – and through it all a subtle yet immeasurable bond’s tied us together for what i feel is a far greater purpose than simply the sharing of stories – in the way that i see it it’s not just a brother and a sister we’ve been guided to love in the story of what you and he are and what she and i once were yet rather it’s a calling to be a light to all of those hurting souls in the greater world around us both near and far alike – i believe our triumphs of the past as well as the ones surely in our midst right now all are gathering for the greater good in coming together as a collective story of victory – and while we’re both just people striving to be everything we can i see our fears, our tears and all of the years given to the greater good of creating happiness all around us as a gift – it’s been a gift to have been given a path in life that’s met with a complete happiness in our hearts in bringing something so simply satisfying and beautiful as a smile to the face of anyone around us – it’s a gift i’d never trade – it’s a gift that when it goes unrecognized sometimes can really hurt – yet it’s a gift that God sees every single time it’s given – sister you’re stronger than you may ever realize, you’re wiser than you may ever admit and you’re a treasure to us all as a most amazing woman we’ll never ever forget – with the kindest regard wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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