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eleven little souls…

June 15, 2014


came strolling along one day many weeks ago and right there with them arrived a never-ending smile – it’s absolutely one of the lovelier sides of life in simply shutting everything down in my mind and giving way to purely taking in something as simple as a proud pair of mallards and their nine little ducklets coming in for a breakfast visit – i know the right way’s ducklings but i seem to think they also rather enjoy my calling them ducklets as they saunter in every morning with a chorus of chirping choppy chatter heralding in their arrival with all of the fanfare of a king’s visit – i’m also well aware it sounds so adolescent in my getting so much happiness in helping the little fuzzy quackers along in feeding them – yet i find it an invaluable vitality in returning to such a place like that from so many years ago as a child where such moments seemed to completely fill my days with one happiness after the next – and if all it takes in finding instant happiness is slowing down just enough to really notice some of the more tender and softer sides to life then in the way that i see it we have it rather easy, we really truly do – after all it’s a chatter of an altogether far different stripe as to the all of the varied voices and errant noises fighting about this way that way and the other trying to get the better of us in ultimately misleading our attention so much of the time – and when we let it we’ve lost – that’s why it’s so intrinsically imperative that we’re always the one leading the awaiting greater symphony of the one and only mind that is purely and uniquely ours – in that way it’s entirely up to us as to what we’ll see from the immediate to the eventually – everything decorating our life in the way of our surroundings from the people to the books on our shelves all the way to the kitchen table is indeed a pure reflection of what we see in our minds and then confirm in the ever so mighty words that we set forth into the winds of the listening world – and from there arrives our lifelistening, looking, living and loving, is there really ever any other way? – wishing you one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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