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in a vision…

June 18, 2014


everything in where we are, what we are and who we are begins – and from there it’s a simple decision to literally see it through and when we do it’s absolutely brilliant – there’s an immense gathering of thoughts from many an amazing mind over the past several decades as to how this all comes to be – and so much of it’s as fascinating as it is thrilling in wondering if this is how it really works – at the foundation it’s said we simply need to see it and then believe it and then somehow we receive it – really? – and i for one say yes really as it’s right here where it all begins and it all ends, right in the question of this one word so said and so written as really – you see it’s when there’s a question in our mind as to if it’s really meant to be for me and if this is really how it all works that it all simply drifts away if and until you decide in a leap of faith that it simply must be this simple as coming from the marriage of vision&faith – i mean think about it something as grand as actually living out the minutes the months and indeed the many years of a lifetime in the way and the fashion that appears the best life you could ever lead is indeed the most wonderful blessing you could ever be so gifted with – after all it’s a gift from God – and in the way that i see it he’s not about to lay out the rest of the golden path for the one that can’t even step on to it let alone begin a walk that may be for a moment or even indeed a lifetime in leading us into the greatest happiness of our very best days – why would he? – whereas to me for the one living and giving from the love within their heart out to the world as led by a personal vision so given by God will always arrive right where they’re at their best – and when we’re at our very best the very best this world has to give returns in kind and indeed far greater than anything we may ever have imagined – to me that’s the law of the elegant surprise wherein experiences, opportunities and relationships of the grandest design seem to just happen – and as they do we must never be led astray as to where they’re coming from and why as we remember we had nothing to do with it and in part some of everything to do with it – and that my friends is the gift of living life at godspeed – wishing you one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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