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a winning smile…

June 21, 2014


is sometimes all the difference in the world in blessing another one’s life and sometimes you’ll never even know it – it’s a tonic that comes together without as much as a stir and it goes right to the heart in an instant – i think when we pause for just a moment and notice exactly what it feels like to simply smile and how wonderful everything else seems to feel from there we’d all decide to forever place a far greater priority on smiling far more often than we do – medical science tells us that we physiologically enable ourselves to literally and instantly begin feeling happier from the mind on down as the way in which our muscles position themselves upon smiling in some way releases endorphins from within our brains – and it’s these ever so wonderful endorphins when they’re flowing that indeed lift us up and away from where we we just were into a place where everything so much the better lives awaiting our arrival to join the party

in other words sans all of the quasi-scientific description (as that was the best i can say it in that respect) when we smile we are happy – and that means that when we’re not smiling we’re not happy – yet it’s such a simple trick in returning to happiness in realizing that we only need to smile once again as that’ll inevitably always end up leading us right into thinking about everything that makes us happy and everything we’re so grateful for and everyone so loving in our life – and that’s the way of happiness – as well there’s also something so amazing in how infectious our smile can be for someone else even when we’re not aware of it or them – and that’s exactly what happened for me in arriving at my favorite seaside cafe this beautiful saturday summer afternoon – you see i’d arrived relatively happy yet also freshly stinging from a family disappointment discovered just a tad earlier as i was strolling along the beach getting my miles in for the day – that’s when the disappointment came in a flash in the absence of a reply that quickly said it all – and in sparing any unnecessary and only hurtful details let it be said what happened shouldn’t have yet it did – yet i’m used to it after a lifetime of the same secondary/outsider casting that’s led me to otherwise set my own sail in life – and let me tell you that by far and away’s a wonderful way to go – so in i arrived still spiralling to a degree and then by the grace of God i saw once again one of the best smiles i’ve ever seen in my life – when i first met her many months ago i shared my simple sentiments with her as to how friendly of a soul she is and what an amazing affect her welcoming smile has on me and i’m sure everyone else ever crossing her path – and in receiving my compliment she was equally as graceful as her smile is in painting the picture of perfect happiness – so there again back to just earlier today and there she was altogether unexpectedly with that winning smile once again and in an instant i went from feeling ok right back to feeling wonderful which is where i mainly stay these days as after all it’s my choice to do just that – it’s always a choice to be happy and it’s always a choice to smile – and then sometimes we’re blessed that much the greater by the simple presence of another soul with such a wonderfully shining spirit that we have no choice but to join them – and for that lovely girl at the cafe counter i say thank you – wishing you all every happiness and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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