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the letter…

June 27, 2014


at one time in the not so distant past said a great many things in a great many ways to the ones we care for and love with all of everything we are and everything we have in laying it on the line with our feelings – it was a gentle voice altogether free of any wayward inflections, hesitations and questions that instead allowed us to get on with getting right to the heart of the matter – and the heart of the matter is after all all that really matters – it’s here in the heart where the giving, the living and all of the loving are born free of anything the outside world has to say in the way of getting in the way – and that’s a very good thing in the way that i see it – the simple letter can resonate in such a beautiful and lasting fashion all throughout the ages – to me 2 of the more touching letters i’ve ever read were written by cultural favorites of both the 19th and 20th centuries in the letter mark twain so lovingly wrote to his wife livy on her 30th birthday on november 27th 1875 {} and yet again another birthday letter written by one johnny cash to his wife june on her 65th birthday on june 23rd 1994 {} – both of these letters are clearly straight from the heart and couldn’t have been any more elegant or any more moving than they are, please do take an extra minute to read them both – 

i often wondered earlier in life exactly what the best way was in sharing this seemingly unlimited passion i have for meeting people and making friends and then just pouring forth every ounce of good in me as coming from the soul in hoping to simply give some added measure of greater happiness to the life of my new friend – so often it arrived in what came to be quite engaging conversations that were altogether unexpected by the both of us – at a certain point not too many years ago i then came to realize this was all for a greater reason and a higher cause yet it wasn’t entirely clear – you see i’d been very lovingly led by the first wonderful woman in my life to begin writing again given it had always been such a happy endeavor yet i didn’t, and then one day for the very life of me i did – and i’ve never looked back – and since that day some of the most amazing experiences and new relationships from all across this wide and wonderful world on nearly every continent have come to tell the story of the greater days of my life as they’re now happening in truly living color – 

it’s these very words, these essays if you will or to me these letters to you that have given me such a newfound spirited lift in the way and fashion in which i set about in living my days – i don’t know how i even began to exist before it all started some 37 months ago – you have given me a way to feel and even at times know someone out there somewhere in the world may be smiling once again, they may be laughing once again and they may be truly living and thriving for the very first time – and it’s all happening as inspired by the grace of God directly from the heart as shared in a simple letter – sometimes it’s been a letter to you, sometimes it’s been a letter to them and sometimes it’s indeed been a letter to all of us – yet all of the time it’s been an absolute honor to have been given this gift in sharing with the world what’s been on my mind, in my heart and indeed now lighting up my very soul – and for it all i say thank you, thank you for the gift you’ve given me in simply reading my letter – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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