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#251 into the world…

June 30, 2014


we’re all headed the very minute we slip away from dreamland arriving once again back into the land of eyes wide open – and if we’re going to have any chance at all in living life at its highest it’s by far and away best that we’re arriving there with everything in the heart leading the way – you see one way or another we’ll all come to the very same likely startling conclusion that it really always has been upto us as to what’ll tell the story of our days and indeed that of our very life – yet as to what it is that’ll get you there it very well may not be what you’re thinking – afterall it’s not a matter of our making it happen as if we somehow have some far greater worldly strength or some far more fanciful and favored aptitude than that of the competition – and further from there it’s not even really about anything in the way of luck or coincidence or any other such far-fetched concept – rather what it is all about is having a vision, not the vision in the way of oh yeah i see that yet rather a vision from within our very essence from that of the heart – and that’s an exceptionally unique vision in where it all appears at once just for you as if it’s already happening even though you’re not yet there in so-called reality it’s a vision only ever given by God by way of the holy spirit – they arrive at times in prayer and then again at other times right in the midst of a dream just as it did for me nearly a season ago – and what an eveloution it’s been since early that one fall morning last year – what’s further is that it’s in this place where the mindset gives way to the far greater providence of the heartset – and once that’s locked-in there’s no looking back –

yet that locking-in only ever happens when we stay in faith and that means believing what we’ve seen by the grace of God in where we know it wasn’t from our imagination but rather that it came as a gifted look of what may be if and only if we have the faith to see it and believe it before it actually arrives – i’ve known a great friend and i’ve shaken the hand of many many more than that that’ll all tell it as one in the very same as to how they got to where they’ve been guided to – and while they all took every action and jumped every leap with everything they were so gifted with it was ultimately an unwavering faith so given by God leading the way that they indeed arrived in the unique success that is theirs – a more magnificent gift we could never receive when we once and for all realize that it’s everything in the way to arriving into the grandest days of the greater purpose we’ve all been so uniquely given as we simply listen to our heart – after all it’s in our heart where God lives within us all and it’s only from there that we somehow so amazingly see and hear without our worldy senses – and when we do miracles happen – wishing you all one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 



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