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bill gaither said it…

July 5, 2014


just yesterday as he and marty stuart were right there in the midst of the most fascinating sit-down having a grand old time of it talking shop about music and gospel – there they were trading stories, smiles and laughter all from well more than a common thread between the 2 of them – and such a bonding thread it is as coming together from the worlds of both bluegrass-bred honky-tonk country music as well as the rarified loving air of gospel music just the same – it was simply an uplifting pleasure listening to the 2 of them sharing not only a rather unique bond yet also quite an affectionate respect for one another built upon the many decades of quite distinctive and resounding success for them both – there’s marty stuart having cut his teeth on the incomparable foundational strength of gospel which then amazingly enough led to a relatively early entry into the band of one johnny cash, with johnny being a man of God with a heart for the plight of the good people rarely seen at such depths by other performers – and then there’s bill gaither as a man with a name built upon service to a lifetime of all that is good, great and ever so wonderful in the world of celebrating the good word of God in the incomparably moving fashion as that of gospel music –

so there they are as recorded for all to see and hear in marty stuart’s beautifully soul-lifting new release titled the gospel music of marty stuart and his fabulous superlatives and then bill gaither said it – he said “we’re at a time in our history where we’re in desperate need of hope” – and what he said for me is the very essence of why i’ve been led to give of what i’ve been so generously given in every way that i can, it’s the very reason that i write with the one and only hope in that inspiration will take flight in that of another somewhere out there in this wide and wonderful world – in the way that i see it it’s absolutely vital to be of any and every inspiration we can possibly be to another – for me it’s what life is all about – yet as much as it flies in the face of the literally astonishing technological connectivity we have in this day and age it’s the tearing us apart that nonetheless seems to be the specialty of so much that’s so sadly selfish and heartless as coming at us from every angle of modern society and a large part of the so-called culture it brings along with it – what we need instead is a lifting up of one another’s spirits and a tieing together of all of that’s already right between us as that’s where true strength of peace is found in the fashion of forgiveness, compassion and love – and it all begins as born in creating hope within the spirit of another as that’s the answer to the calling in what bill said as he so heartfully said –

i believe that as we all simply take a look around at all that’s there to be seen we’ll sadly discover hope is indeed for far too many of our fellow brothers and sisters threadbare to altogether missing – and we cannot let it go on that way for one more minute – it’s why i bring everything to a halt every time my eyes are open and every time i’ve managed to leave the receiver on within my heart to stop and talk to someone on the corner sign-in-hand and down-and-out on life – i give them what i can in not only provisions but even more importantly the words so given to me from within by way of the holy spirit, and i always ask them their name – it’s our name as the word we all love to hear more than any other that leads to the amazing return of life i can see in their eyes as they see and feel someone else cares – and that’s a gift we can all not only afford but should strive to give as it’s the very essence of the love within us all – it’s why what initially seems to be against my errantly conditioned better judgment that as i’m hearing God above right from within that it’s time to write and here’s what i want you to say that i do just that right there and then and this happens – and for me only good and far greater than that has ever arrived in listening and then giving – after all giving is living as giving is the ray of light that is indeed the gift of hope and from there with faith all that is good is indeed always possible – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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