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easing the pain…

July 8, 2014


of another even when they’re a perfect stranger is a gift from a soul to a soul that runs in each direction – it’s an honor in what’s been given to me from everything that was simply there to all that God’s led me to in the light that’s now writing the journey that’s become my life – and all of that of which i’ve learned with ease as well as that of which i’ve learned in the tears of agonizing heartache together has led me to a place i’d never imagined i’d be in yet i wouldn’t have it any other way – i wouldn’t have it any other way for the single solitary reason in that nothing i’ve ever done has given me anywhere even close to the gratification that’s lighting up my heart and leading my life in a way that i’ve never felt or experienced before – giving it all back in every way that i can is such a completing feeling as to why i’ve been given the life that i’ve been so lovingly given by the grace of God – yes there are many happy destinations this life has given me in the way of worldly goods and wonderful places i’ve traveled to and for all of the amazingly good and loving people all throughout my life who have made so much of it possible i say thank you with all of my heart – yet when it comes down to what makes us tick in that one thing in which we have such a passionate drive for i count myself as well more than fortunate in landing where i am – it really and truly is a gift in drawing upon all that i’ve learned and gained by and from there simply being able to make some sort of positive and hopefully lasting difference in the life of another right at the time they needed it the most – that’s the perfect timing not of coincidence yet rather in the way of godspeed – so many have done the very same for me and in so many ways you all have helped me in my life in everything from the slightest to the grandest of fashions and now it’s my turn to do the same – and in that light in every new day i thank God for everything he keeps doing for me as i’m also thanking him for a greater awareness than what i had the day before – it’s in that greater awareness in that i’m able to add to the well-being of all of those in my life even if it’s just in setting a smile upon the face of another as we’re just crossing paths – and as i do my path keeps amazingly arriving to new meetings with new people in need of a good word, or maybe even a few hundred beyond that – and whether it’s a word of hope or ones of healing or even those of inspiration it’s everything so wonderful in simply being given the chance to give – and give i will as i now feel and understand so much more than i ever have before about all that’s happened in my life and indeed how this wonderful thing we call life works at its best – and with that i know it’s now my greater guiding mission to help in the same compassionate way that was so graciously given to me and indeed carries on in quite the same blessed fashion –

for me it all comes down to caring in the simplicity of unconditional compassion – it’s a place i arrived in and one for which i feel i’ll always remain after being left behind with the one and only option of then figuring out how to rise above and beyond it all – i would venture to say the very reason for the unlimited reach with which i feel for others in the way that i now do comes directly from having made it all the way through after beginning with an unimaginably heavy heart laden with every sad and troubling emotion there seems to be – this evolution’s led me to feel right in saying that it’s the truth in that there’s nothing simple, nice or easy in quitting, cutting and then just running as it’s collectively a paralyzing disease that’s increasingly getting the better of us one by one millions at a time – psychology understands it and the pathetic side of modern day culture dances on the new and daily death of it – you see there is no remedy when you’re on the run as the path to a better life only ever lies from within in deciding to truly face the demons that all came from what we were never given and certainly never deserved in not being given – yet for quite a long time to never so many of us have zero idea what’s happened, why it’s happening or what to even make of any of it other than letting our lesser and greatly hurting selves get even more of the better of us – and for some it’s the best of us as we end up falling straight to pieces becoming someone no one even recognizes – and that’s the agony of the ending of a relationship that arrives when one of us simply splits saying i’m done and i’m not talking about it and that’s that

it should never be underestimated in that the path from there’s far more difficult than that of the one of staying together and getting the critically needed help that does actually exist – throwing it all away’s simply sadder than sad and rarely if ever the way into your  better and then best days – so no matter where you may be and no matter what you may be feeling know there is hope, there is healing and you will feel the beautiful light of inspiration once again – and if i can do anything to help you on your way i certainly always will as it’s an honor just to be given the chance to give – wishing you the gift of vision and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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