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July 11, 2014


is a fairytale written by God’s fingers said hans christian andersen oh so many years ago – and what a wonderful way it is to not only see life in such a fashion yet far greater than that to experience life from one day to the next in just this way – indeed a richer way to live out our days there can never be – however there’s a key in the discovery of living life in such a giving rhythm – yet for the many of us we cannot even begin to imagine his fantastical words as actually being true – then again what really is true in this life away from what we decide to see? – after all it’s in everything and everyone surrounding us as to what we’re allowing in in setting the scene of our every day – where am i and what are these people with and around me all about? – it’s the arriving answers to these questions that’ll lead us along the way into taking over the reigns of our life if and only if we keep our eyes open and that can only ever come from the foundation of an open heart – as much as our very good intentions may have us feeling good for a moment and maybe even many a day beyond that it’s the consistency we keep in the faith for the vision of our life that leads to what happens in the way that’s ultimately the most ideal – and while that in and of itself sounds and seems altogether far too idealistic it is nonetheless the truth in the way that it is what it is –

one of the the more fascinating awakenings i’ve been graced with in these past 3 years running is the concept that we really can have what we want in life and the way with which it comes is nothing short of miraculous – from there what i’ve discovered in learning from many far wiser and well more keenly aware than i am is that there is a place within us around us and maybe even very far away from us where indeed everything as born of the gifts we’ve been given seems to be entirely possible – it seems that it’s within this very place invisible to the eye yet entirely real within the heart as then arrives the new reality of what we initially just imagined – for many of us we may have already experienced this maybe countless times in our life yet we’ve never had even a clue as to when or why let alone how – and this is where it gets really exciting as it all changes the very instant that it happens right as we imagined it as it’s right there and then that we know maybe for the very first time in our life that there is no such thing as coincidence – it’s at this point where we begin to realize with much greater detail than ever before that we are indeed able to paint the picture of our very own destiny – at an even higher level from there it’s the greater blessing of being gifted an entire vision as just suddenly appearing to us having nothing to do with anything going on in our mind that tells us this is your time – this is your time to rest in the faith that it’s all happening by the grace of God – this is your time to trust that in some completely inexplicable way he clearly has it all set up for us with the only guiding directions being that we stay in faith and step to it – wishing you one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerockfiles/RRF~

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