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sometimes i write…

July 13, 2014


as it’s the one and only way at the time to say whatever it may be that seems to need to see the light of day – it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything so high-minded or even anything that’s all that sensible in the way of whatever words are arriving and then being sent into the winds of whatever may be – when it comes right down to it it’s just the need to write – sometimes it’s simply just a way from within in where i can find a good laugh at life and even myself – and you know that’s always a good thing as the lighter we are with ourselves surely is always reflected with everyone around us quite the same – in the way of living life at its best with the richest and by far and away grandest sense of living with a soul-driven satisfaction it’s laughter that keeps leading me that way – in many ways in my life it seems i’m writing even when i’m not here with you in these pages – it’s a state of mind that’s been leading me in this way for at least the last year or so – it’s a setting i seem to be on in some wonderfully mysterious fashion from somewhere deep within my wandering mind that’s always setting a smile in my heart as well as giving life to a great and altogether unexpected laughter as rising up and away from my voice – and as it happens as it does i feel amazing – i feel as if i’m living within a stride where everything’s as wonderful as i could ever imagine it to be –

i see something written on a sign as so often seems to be the way or i hear someone talking whether they’re with me or coming from some sort of broadcast and then it just happens – and what it is is that i see it or hear it altogether for not what it is yet for something that somehow’s just slightly rearranged in some dyslexic fashion that’s always to the great rewarding affect of my just falling out in complete laughter – at times it’s such a great laughter far funnier than anything i could have ever come up with all on my own – and what’s amazing from there is even in the midst of having been suddenly amused my mind does indeed very quickly realize what it actually was that it saw or heard yet thankfully that greater awareness never gets in the way of the happening laughterit’s quite an incredible space to be in – it’s something like living out a situational comedy for one that carries over to nearly everybody around me if i let it, which mainly i do given the beautiful reality of laughter being infectious without even trying – from writing to laughing to living to laughing right along the way in writing my life it’s a gift of completely sheer delight – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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