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sometimes it’s wicked…

July 16, 2014


words in all of their masquerading fashion that arrive as the helping hand we’re all looking for from one time to another in this wonderful thing we call life – and may never any one of us ever let it leave our heart that life is indeed quite wonderful – yet it sometimes seems that right when we’re needing to see it that way the very most is also right when we’re at the very least of what life appears to be giving us and therein lies the deception – and it’s such a dangerously blinding self-deception that so many of us give into as even further reinforced by the so-called caring yet actually angry friends we’re letting into our life – after all we do become who we allow into our inner circle eventually doing the very same as they do and typically thinking and speaking quite the very same as well – and when you’re in a bad kind of way it’s right there and then where it’s vital in that you make the greatest call of your life – it’s vital in that it’s in this one defining decison that it’s either up and away you’re headed into enlightenment or down and gone you go battling through each and every day – and when it’s the wrong way with the wrong people you’re effectively leaving yourself behind in a life shaped out of your own pain with your so-called friends shoveling the dirt right down your gasping throat – what a potentially terrifying picture, isn’t it? – however it is that bad as it’s truly a psychological play of the worst variety that’ll fleece you of all that is truly of value in your life – added on to that is the grandest mistake being made in leaving behind the one or ones you’re so errantly running from under the delusion that it’s better out there – yet let it be said that it’s not always the one that left actually doing the running as sometimes that actually is found in the one shutting down refusing to even listen – and then again sometimes and a lot of the time the one shutting down’s also running for the hills as fast as they can – it’s all seemingly so confusing yet really it’s not when we finally begin to see the light – and in a way that’s as easy as asking – it’s as easy as asking in that the light is right there from within by the grace of God as that is where truly unlimited strength is always born as lifted by the peace of God as he lives within us right within our heart – in the very spirit of rising through and above it all in that far greater light it’s also tantamount in our comprehending that it’s all only ever a matter of what it is that we decide to see as what we’ll eventually receive in return in life – life simply doesn’t just throw at us what it will as that is not how it happens – yet rather in many ways we truly do create what we speak – however as that remains an elusive concept for any of us to yet engage in it’ll only ever be to our consistent lack and downfall until we realize that that really is how it happens in all of our lives –

it’s from far too personally of a vantage point as well as an immensely compassionate newfound enlightenment of how we are with relationships and the human condition as to why i am saying what i am saying – so for any and everyone that may possibly be reading this with a relating heart know that from here forward it’s up to you in having either an immeasurable faith in God unlike ever before or giving in to the cruelty of the doubting mind that’ll indeed lead you right to where the greater balance of your thoughts and words live – with God it’s great, without him not so greatand if this is you realize it’s a crossroads as to where you’ve arrived – and all of the pain, confusion and deep-seated unrest are what should be telling you you’re at a crossroads – you’re at a crossroads not with anyone in your life as waywardly destructive negative emotions are leading you to believe in a likely unchecked and suffocating fashion as that is what you are feeling, rather it’s a crossroads within you – what it is is that it’s all about where you are in life and what you understand and what you know how to do versus all that you were never given in adolescence that remains awaiting critically-needed discovery – and as you do you’ll find your arriving into a life of your better and your very best days all the while reaching your very destiny far away from any former fear – and within that very fear it’s imperative in realizing that the better life rarely ever lies within the ever-so-popular trend of running and trying it all over again with someone else – let it be said and very well understood you’ll never find success in simply giving it another go and hoping it all works out better the next time around as that’s a fool’s paradise at best and eventually at it’s worst – if it seemed appropriate i’d apologize for coming across with such a zest and a zeale in desiring to help others avoid all of the devastating pain – yet it’s such needlessly wasted time suffering in all of the anguish, the hurt and the deeply-saddened haze of what it is to be torn apart at the hands of the breakdown as then paraded about and applauded for by far too many layers of a dangerously drifting and culturally-stained societyinstead i write these words to encourage you that it does get better and there is a different and far better way in arriving there – and it comes in turning within your heart in turning to God and listening to him – and as you do you’ll also be led right to the awaiting and one and only truly helping hand – wishing you all of the peace from within as giving life to the forgiveness, compassion and love that we all deserve as well as God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

{for further extensive resources please refer to the highly enlightening work of joel osteen at as well as the brilliant work of larry bilotta at}


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