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let the good times roll…

July 20, 2014


arrived in 1978 as the listeners’ title for the lead track from a rather prolific record as coming from the hands of one of the greater bands of an era, the cars – in some simple fashion the celebrating spirit captured all within that one track also welcomed in an overriding fire within me for music, not just that of the new wave frontier yet for good music period – and that was the greater beginning of a love affair that began within me for wmmr and wysp as well as for that of the steadily emerging excellent record collection my big brother Jimmy was carefully building – what a time it was in so many ways in those latter days of the 1970’s – skating, sledding and many a weekend camping at the shore as well as train trips to new york city, holiday drives to pittsburgh to see nana and so many of my relatives and even beautiful roadtrips up and through the countryside of new england in the fall just to see the leaves, these were some of the ways that made up so many of the days of my time as a child in greater philadelphia – i even loved school as it was there where i had so many friends and it was there that i had the single-best teacher i ever had when i was in the fifth grade with mr. wilson – what a perfect fit he was as a former professional magician now teaching classes full of ten year-olds – he was such a wonderful person that when i sent him a graduation announcement some seven years later from many states away he not only sent a card of congratulations back but he also slipped inside of it a new and quite crisp twenty dollar bill, i’ll never forget that

these four precious years weren’t always the picture-perfect existence that these hopefully clever and seemingly wistful words would otherwise lead us all to believe yet then again there is no such thing as picture-perfect in this life for anything more than a moment is there? – and when it happens it’s typically a fleeting moment that we all should savor and then take in to our memory for our better recollection for the rest of our days – after all it’s all on the inside as coming from the memory and then instantly arriving in our imagination as to where we lead ourselves in this life – as we see good we feel good and when we feel good we can receive good, not only the good of this world but far greater than that the receiving of the good and guiding word of God from within the holy spirit within us – and when you’re there as i’ve only arrived in realizing in recent years myself it’s the very best place we can ever dwell within – there’s a peace and a presence underlying the perfectly guiding ways of God that leads us in a way we never could lead ourselves – and when we’re in step with what it is we’re here for and why we’ve been given the life we have from there it’s an accelerated blessing of unity that can only ever truly be felt no matter how eloquent the words of another may say it’s so – some of us may say that it’s simply good timing and that it’s quite a coincidence yet the way it’s said the very best is that it’s the only speed any of us will ever need and that’s godspeed – and the very minute you get there let the good times roll even better than they ever have before – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~
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