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let it shine…

July 25, 2014


greater than the brightest summer sun – let it shine from within, around and from above in every single thing that you see, in every single thing that you hear and in every last thing that you could possibly ever feel – after all it’s in this very light where everything so wild, so wonderful and amazing awaits the one simple word of yes – yes i’d like that in my life and yes i’d love them in my life as well and yes i know who’s behind it all – it’s in this ever-giving light where we all once lived life as a child and for the most of us we always sailed along with the loveliest of flying colors from one day to the next and then again from there – yet something’s likely happened between there and where you are right this very minute and if it’s anything less than just how beautiful life once was then it’s time – it’s high time to let it go and let it flow, to let ‘em in and let it begin and get on with truly living the life you know’s already been written from well within – you know there’s a reason you’re alive and you know there’s many a gift you’ve been given – and what’s so perfect from there’s that the whole wide world’s awaiting the blessing that is you – and what a blessing you are and what a blessing it is in the brilliant light of it all in the way that he’s planned it – it’s all so simple from the second we see the light – it’s all so simple in that it all begins in the flick of a switch – it’s right there and then in that one little decision that only you can ever decide upon that it all changes like a scene in a movie – shun it and surely it’ll all seem very much the same just like it ever was – embrace it as the turning of the key opening up your heart to all of everything you ever dreamed of in the way of being you and you’ve already won –

it’s light leading the way as the giver of life and the bringer of all that is good – and in that spirit may every one of us always remember that the brightest light doesn’t come from the sun above or even anything so elegant and ambient coming from the hands of man as indeed the greatest light of them all is born from the most exceptionally giving love of God himself right from within – turn it on, turn it up and let it shine! – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~
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