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feeling good…

August 1, 2014


in letting go of so much of everything that just doesn’t matter is the winning move – it’s altogether as exciting as much as it’s vital in giving far greater life to what really matters – and for me it happened in an instant – it happened in the simple telling of a story – it happened right when he said he let it all go in the complete faith that it was the right thing to do and from there everything in his life just came together – in a sense his name and what it is he’s been doing so successfully over these past 25 years doesn’t even matter in the way that i see it – whereas what really matters is that he simply recognized an instant in time in his life in the simple loving words so given by another that would change the rest of his days forever for the far better – and we all have that chance in many ways at many times in life in the spirit of rarely is it ever too late to be who you always knew you were meant to be – in other words as the well-thought-of 19th century english writer george eliot so wonderfully once said it is never too late to be what you might have been – and as is the perspective of many a wise woman, mary ann evans as she was in reality with george eliot only a highly successful pen name said it all in those very words –

yet we may never arrive if we’ve already left behind who we are and what we know beyond a shadow of a doubt we should be doing in this life – what’s so critical in realizing is that there’s an entirely endless array of reasons even well beyond a to z as to why some of us journey along in the way that we do – and sometimes many of these reasons beyond what we can even clearly comprehend collectively lead us right into our greater destiny that seemingly couldn’t have happened in any other way – there’s an illuminating lesson in it all as we simply remember to be aware and even better from there as we actively seek an even wider awareness in our conversations with God – it’s in these conversations that many a time are started from within us as we suddenly hear his wonderful voice where we find the only overriding direction that ever really matters – and that’s the seed and the lead of godspeed and as we follow it we find our heart in finding ourselves and from there there’s never any looking back – wishing you the peace in finding one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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