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on a rainy day…

August 4, 2014


an entire array of feelings arises within us yet far too often it’s seemingly on the sadder side of life – thankfully however that just doesn’t have to be as it’s something completely within us to change and on a dime at that – it’s altogether commonplace that the rain and all of the gray that arrives along with it seemingly sneaks into what we’re feeling by way of what we’re now seeing – and for the most of us that means it’s gray and it’s gloomy and we may even get splashed about or even muddied up a bit from there and of course there’s absolutely nothing good in any of that is there? – well that all depends on what it is we’re truly seeing doesn’t it? – in the way that i’ve come to understand and receive it it’s actually one of the very best settings we can arrive at as we greet the new day – it’s one of the very best settings we can find because it leads us to the option of gaining the greater strength that awaits us all when we decide there’s really something very good about what everyone else is crowing about with such an endless disdain – and when we see it as silver it breeds within us a far finer ability in every way in mastering this beautifully mysterious thing we call life – in other words it’s all in having the mindset of discovering every silver lining that surrounds every situation – there’s the one way and that’s giving in giving up and giving way to the self-imprisoned reality of seeing something as bad and then taking all of what comes with that – and then there’s the second way in taking the road far less traveled in simply deciding to see the far greater picture that’ll always almost instantly unveil itself in the wondrous ways of tapping into the holy spirit and seeing the good of it all and then setting those glorious wheels into motion instead – it’s how it all works and we do indeed create what we speak – and that my friends is where i’ve learned to the immediate and everlasting benefit from body to mind and then spirit to see it all with a smile

so now when i see the gathering clouds of the coming rain sending away an otherwise happy sun whether it’s for a minute or even many a day i simply tell myself this is good – it’s good because it leads me to remember so many of the wonderful adventures we had in the northwest as a child when indeed the weather included the rain a fair bit of the time – it’s good because it takes me away to the shiny yellow slip ‘n slides on so many summer lawns in my childhood in greater philadelphia – it’s good because it takes me back to rainy day runs through riverside where we never felt more alive – and it’s good simply because i decided that’s the way that it is – and every time that i have and every time that i do see it in just this fashion life has arrived with a light unseen but surely felt – it’s an inner light that seems to work as an invitation to the good the better and the best ways of the world taking care of me with everything so wonderful to the great collective benefit of all of those in my life all by the grace of God – and that’s a very good thing indeed – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~
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