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a greater love revealed…

August 16, 2014


is certainly the one way to characterize what it’s been in these past many days since my dear and ever so wonderfully loving mother so suddenly passed away in returning to heaven to where she clearly once began – it’s been in these past eleven days in his every loving word and his every falling tear as to the far greater love revealed at a depth i had never realized before as to just how deeply, completely and happily my father has always loved my mother – and i for one feel that much the wealthier in not only bearing witness to such an endearing love yet for also sharing in such an immeasurably loving sentiment within every thread of my heart – because of this wonderful love i can now further feel beyond any shadow of a doubt an even greater sense of compassion that’ll surely always be to the greater good of all of those so close to me in my life for the rest of my days – he’s always been a loving husband and very much a loving father everything the same and we’ve always seen it as surely as we’ve felt it – yes there’ve been times when the precision of germany and the shall we say very well-defined and overridingly passionate spirit of ireland have met with the higher decibels and temporarily angry eyes yet in the grand design of it all they’ve been limited and always amazingly have somehow led the way right back to returning smiles and laughter – and it’s the smiles&laughter that’ve quite fortunately been the mainstay of the better balance of all of the days we’ve been a family for these fifty three years and running – and for that i am exceptionally thankful for being so wonderfully blessed in just the fashion that i’ve always been, thank you dad

it’s been a steadily revealing journey in so many ways for me in these past three years three months and eleven days since the moment my life changed on a dime from jeff beck to she just left me – it all happened in so many painfully upsetting and then ultimately soulfully strengthening ways and it’s all been by the grace of God in that i’ve found such a far greater peace&clarity unlike ever before – and for it all i couldn’t be any more thankful – and now with my mother on the permanent vacation she so richly deserved as heaven surely is proving to be along with my father being at the dawn of a phase of life that no one ever hopes to arrive at yet by no means is the end of his road i’m finding that God has indeed blessed me yet again – he’s blessed me so unexpectedly, so uniquely and so completely as something inside of me by way of the holy spirit has now taken an even greater loving hold of me – it’s such a fascinating hold with an even brighter light in leading me to be there in every way that i can for not only dear old dad yet also for the very essence of meeting the mission i’ve been given my life to give in being the helping hand of inspiration in any and every way that i’ve been gifted by God to be – and so i shall and so i will do just that inside of every minute moving forward on every path i’m being led to travel on – giving in rhythm and setting every soul free with a smile of God’s loving grace is where you’ll find me for the rest of my life and for it i couldn’t be any happier – wishing every one of you the very same peace as well as God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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