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the prettiest little hummingbird…

August 28, 2014


came up to me entirely unexpectedly and without any explanation from anyone in any way and then it happened – and so it was so many days ago when the sun was still shining on an otherwise perfectly fine monday afternoon – and then some many days later i realized in that ever so stunning fashion of all-at-once that i was indeed altogether blind as to what it was that was happening on that day and now so suddenly i wasn’t – so there i was on the day it all began and it rather rapidly became very cloudy and then very darkly gray right before the bottom fell out with a tremendously heavy rain that just didn’t seem as if it would ever find an end – and once again as it’s so thankfully been the pattern i decided would be mine in recent years my mind simply went silver and so followed my heart – and that led to the brighter words found here just 24 days ago of the beauty of gray so titled on a rainy day – and then came tuesday and tuesday afternoon and the heaviest feeling of sorrow i’ve ever had in all the years of my life in suddenly hearing the saddest sounding and endlessly tearful words of my father in being told my dear wonderful mother had suddenly passed away – none of us had anything even remotely in the way of a hint that mom’s final minutes were so fastly arriving yet they were and they did – and then everything went still and silent and sideways for many hours to come and from there for many days after that – however something so wonderful also happened that would come to tell the greater story as i came to realize all in an instant as to just how beautiful of a gift God had already given me right before mom returned to heaven – and then again it happened in nearly just the same way for my sister-in-law in the days just after we all gathered in celebrating the golden-hearted life mom had so happily led –

it’s important to say just how much of an affinity the 3 of us in my mother my sister-in-law and myself had as we were 3 birds of a feather in so many ways – it’s fair to say i’ve always felt very much at peace and completely understood and so absolutely loved by them both – and in the neverendingly mysterious ways of God he joined us together once again in the way that it came to be in what it was that happened – and here’s exactly what happened as i was working from the patio reveling in the beautiful view of the lake and the fountain and the so many pretty birds and ducks and cranes that day – and as i was i was also locked-in in such a nearsighted fashion to my cell looking to see who needed contacted next not realizing it was me and then it happened

i became so suddenly startled as something of size well beyond that of a tiny fly so rapidly and quietly approached me – as my eyes so quickly adjusted and to my great surprise and sheerly overhwhelming delight it was a precious little hummingbird literally hovering less than an inch away from my foot looking right at me – and there it stayed for many seconds and then it took a sudden and imperceptible turn to the right as if to let me know it had to move along and then it turned back looking right at me once again and stayed a few more seconds and then it left – and right there and then off went my mind and out poured the tears as i was entirely overwhelmed not even knowing why as to what just happened and then many minutes later i forgot about it – and then my mother passed away the very next day and then many days passed from there – and then my sister-in-law told my father of the most amazing experience she had just had (entirely unaware of mine) when they returned back north after everything was over as she was visited in her garage the one morning by the prettiest little hummingbird – and so it arrived flittering about this way that way and the other as well as circling right around cheryl as if just to say hello all the while returning the happiest of smiles to cheryl’s face and indeed her heart as something so wonderful happened yet again –

and then it all became as clear as anything has ever been in my life as to exactly what had happened – you see my mother’s mother was the 4th bird of that feather of 3 i mentioned just minutes ago and ever since she left us all the way back in the year 2000 i knew all at once just a few years later that she was with me in my every minute – and in knowing that it all came together – it was her my grandmother my nana visiting me as the hummingbird that morning in trying to tell me my mother was about to join her in heaven and just the next day she did – and then with my sister-in-law it was my mother now visiting her in bringing a well-deserved returning smile to cheryl after all of her tears of these past many days since august 5th – and so it is with faith in that anything and indeed everything is possible and at times it all makes so much sense as it then delivers so much well-needed peace as it did for us – and such it was and so it is that 2 of the prettiest little hummingbirds ever so quiet and oh so peaceful found their way right to where they were needed at just the right minute in giving a gift of the sweetest loving fashion that i will never ever forget – and for it all i say thank you God – your grace is indeed endlessly amazing – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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  1. August 28, 2014 2:08 pm

    That is pretty!

    • August 28, 2014 4:26 pm

      thank you so much I greatly appreciate your very thoughtful words…💫

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