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and again as a butterfly…

September 2, 2014


she arrived not at random yet rather the once and then again 3 times thereafter with an elegance in faith invitation and timing that can only ever be as given by heaven – and what a beautifully perfect way in saying hello to one another it was and how wonderfully grateful i am – in a time and a place not so far away in the land of who i was and what i wasn’t yet feeling this gift would’ve gone entirely unrealized and with that i would’ve been far the lesser at peace in the way that i now so fortunately am – there’s a light in life by the grace of God that once it’s been seen stays on within us in an ever-loving fashion that can only ever truly be felt as even words of the most gifted pairings will never adequately compare – you simply have to feel it to know it and when you do all bets are off as you’ve finally left the starting line to what your life is truly all about in the awaiting victories of where you’re now surely headed – it’s this guiding light from within that leads me in my every moment as it is the foundational peace of love in it’s very essence –

it’s a love that fortifies faith and it’s a love that sees all of the good even when my eyes are closed – it’s within this love that i find the gift of forgiving myself and any others of any misgivings that are only in the way of reaching the greater good of what it is we have been given this precious thing we call life to be – it’s within this love where compassion embraces my every emotion thereby leading me to see more clearly from the heart of others – and it’s within this love where even when so many things may seem amiss and so many feelings of everything away from what is happiness may gather they nonetheless all collectively still fail in getting the better of me as it is love that ultimately shines brighter than them all – in finding this higher love the grace of God gives way to the greater discovery of how wonderfully beautiful it is in living life as moving through the holy spirit – and through the holy spirit we all at once understand there never has been a single coincidence or even one fleeting moment of luck in our life as indeed it’s all been by the loving hands of God – it’s how he does what it is he’s doing for us and the very moment we open our eyes as coming through our heart we do indeed find we have arrived in a place more wonderful than any other – we find that we’re completely taken with the feeling that all is weller than well and that as long as we listen to our heart in the way of the holy spirit and the still quiet and loving voice of God we are living life at it’s best in our every single moment – and from this place something even more fascinating begins happening as what it is we’re seeing with our eyes then steadily begins transcending to an even greater guiding vision within our heart as coming from God himself –

and that’s how it is then when a lone butterfly unlike any other i’ve ever seen greets me just as i’m sitting down to break bread and i literally hear from within my heart to come outside to where it’s so beautiful today and say hello to me – and as i did just that without letting my mind get in the way this beautifully perfect little butterfly returned to me not once but all three times that i simply and gently requested it come back and say hello to me again as well – and as she has now arrived in the most amazing fashions as the returning festive and keenly focused robin for my father and the prettiest little circling hummingbird for my sister-in-law i further realized in an instant that this beautifully peaceful little butterfly was indeed my wonderul mother greeting me yet again as she has been doing in so many wonderful ways since that fateful day she left us for heaven just this past august 5th – it was so overwhelmingly beautiful in that not only did she fly back to me the 3 times with just the softest of an unspoken smiling request yet she also came into the patio directly right up to me nearly stopping and then circling above me in the most amazing fashion staying with me for many seconds each time – and i know in all of my heart she did it just to make sure i realized what was happening as to who it was and what she was simply saying, and i did – and i will forever be the far better for it for the rest of my life – and so i say thank you mom for your constantly loving presence in every amazing way that you’re now finding me and thank you God for your truly captivating and all-encompassing loving ways that’ll forever lead me so perfectly for the rest of my days – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~
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