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the greatest conversation…

September 6, 2014


i’ve ever had sometimes leaves me not only feeling entirely on cloud 9 nearly blissed out of my mind yet it also somehow keeps arriving in some fantastic fashion as if it’s all happening all over again and then again from there – at times far more than i can clearly recall a meeting so fascinating with someone entirely new’s come into my life just like that – and when it does i find myself reeling from it like an even greater light than what’s already so immeasurably there has now found its way ever so perfectly right into my heart now all that much the brighter – it happens with such a beautiful frequency to the degree that it often leaves me wondering what all did i do as who it was i might have been before this life came to be? – every time it happens i get an overwhelming sense i’m doing everything right all by the grace of God in the minutes happening right there and then with my newly made friend as we’re so happily in such captivating conversation – the topics and the depth always seem to be without any limits as that in turn gives way to the wonder of life as seen in another’s eyes as coming straight from their heart – it’s entirely engaging as much as it is exciting in not knowing where we’re headed next – in fact some of the most meaningful, memorable and enlightening times of my entire life have come in just this fashion – it’s how i fell in love all in an instant with the first wonderful woman in my life who quite so graciously stayed for nearly twenty years and it’s exactly how i met the second wonderful lady God has so lovingly graced me with in finding love once again – it’s exactly what happened with the legendary piano player billy powell as we fell into the friendliest and fondest of conversation for nearly an hour at a chance meeting sitting down right next to one another in of all settings a fashion show so many years ago – and then again it’s exactly what happened in an instant connecting of souls in the brief yet exceptionally heartfelt conversation i had with joel osteen the very night before my birthday in 2012 right at a time when my entire world had been otherwise turned completely upside down – and then again it all began with just the one beautiful conversation with one new brother at a time in that personally foundation-leveling summer and fall of the year 2011 as arrived journey, scott and terry as coming from three different cities and two different countries yet all from the one ever so desperately needed compassionate heart –

and for this most wonderful gift that has always been such an exceptionally uplifting blessing in my life i say thank you God, you constantly inspire me – and for all of the touching souls ever gracing my life with your loving friendship even if only for a few yet heartwarming words from one time to another i say thank you with all of my heart everything the same – and as i leave these feelings in these just written words let it be said i’m now looking very forward to that next greatest conversation and with God at the wheel i know in all of my heart it’s just up ahead – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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