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September 11, 2014


fresh off the shelf as a mindset is one of the very best winning moves we can ever make in life – it seems to me there’re altogether far too many times when the past is doing everything it can to sabotage the here&now let alone giving way to any hope for an even brighter future – and that’s the way of the sensitive territiories of the mind that at times find an undeserving strength in leading our thoughts and words and indeed our very ways – i’d like to think i have complete freedom from ever giving in to these weaker moments and the damage that’s always created by them yet i don’t and maybe i never will – yet with every day i am ever so blessed with for the rest of my life i will do everything possible to be an even better human being than i was just the day before – a better man and a better partner, a better son and a better brother, a better nephew and a better uncle and always a better friend and above it all a far better child of God as leading the way in my every relationship, this is the commitment i am making to me myself and i – and if i have anything to do with the way it all turns out as i believe in all of my heart that i most certainly do then i am entirely destined for greater success in every way with the arrival of each new day – in reflecting i realize this lesson’s been given to me all throughout my life and in many ways i’ve heeded it rather well yet at times i do get completely in my own way and down i go, and yikes i am so sorry but what a dramatic lead i can tend to be in these lesser minutes – and to any and all that’ve ever been there and done that with me when you wish you hadn’t been please accept my sincerest apology and let me blame at least a little of it on the zeal of the irishman within me, with a further castigating light on the excitable italian and then let’s not forget an exacting german just to complete the effect – i mean come on in the way that i see it it’s likely a rather amazing feat that i even get along as well as i typically do with most of the people i ever meet –

anyway i guess what i’m simply trying to say is that there’s a wonderful gift within us all when we finally realize forgiving ourselves and then asking from the heart for the forgiveness of others delivers an immediate and revitalizing peace within us – further from there it is all about living from within this inner peace as to what it so beautifully is that makes this life always worth living and certainly always worth giving it our very best – wishing you one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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