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the rebel is the optimist…

September 18, 2014


in the way that i see it as it came to me as it so often does straight out of thin air by way of the holy spirit – in a slightly different manner it was said by another far more enlightened than me and then it instantly hit as to just how exceptionally valid and vital it is in drawing a greater light to living and thriving within this far better reality – it’s the way of living life in where so much more of the good the better and the far greater from there ultimately and might i add far more consistently arrives in our life – after all we live in a world where so many of us errantly and so self-detrimentally leap into the lies of a life saddled by more or less bitching our way from one minute to the next – and when that’s the way we’ve been led to live within what it is we’ve been given by the ones that made us as well as the ones we’ve decided to surround ourselves with it’s a rather sad state of affairs – it’s a rather sad state of affairs in that so often so many of us are entirely unaware we’ve been effectively suffocating ourselves in just this fashion all along – so many of us have allowed ourselves to be sold a soul-stealing lie as constantly proliferated in the greater framework of how so much of the culture and indeed the media drives the draining conversation of our daily lives – it’s a deadly negative way of living that only breeds what it is we first allow into our minds as originally and constantly fueled by the hurt we’re holding onto and adding onto within our silent hearts as then completed in what we say as traveling across our lips – and when that’s what’s happening whatever it is we’re saying typically tends to be entirely counterproductive right out of the gate, and that means we’re getting nowhere fast at a record speed having only ourself to thank –

society’s been given many a fighter from one scene to the next and sometimes that’s been a very good thing yet well more often than not it’s the needless fight within the misguided fighter that amounts to the losing move without even taking a single step – and what i mean by that is that in the spirit of picking our battles that spirit itself has been steadily corrupted and ever so skillfully twisted into the concept that life is a struggle and life is unfair and if we’re ever going to get anywhere it’s always going to come with a fight – and that fight means i win when you lose and that’s the zero sum game of the greater share of history – after all the fight leads to the triumph and the triumph is winning the game in that set-up – however and nonetheless there is an easier way and it’s called the positive sum game – and that’s the one where we all win where in some fashion or another we all end up better off in the end – and that happens when we create a traveling infection all around us in a way that’s so invading we can’t help but capture spirits from the one to the next – and that means creating what’s been seen and proven not only from scientific pursuit yet far greater than that from what’s said from one happier soul to another about what it is that happens in our lives when everything we say and everything we do comes from the love within us – and when we’re in that groove and we’re on that track with the sole intent of simply making each decision in a way that’s going to create an outcome to the greater collective benefit to everyone involved we all win – it’s said as seen from studies that a simple smile from one person to the next travels at least 4 generations deep to the degree we are positively affecting people we will likely never even know – and far further from there when we’re leading our lives in the utmost of a steadily ascending faith in God as personally witnessed within by the wonderful ways of the everpresent holy spirit it’s nearly indescribable as to what it is that so wonderfully and often times with perfecting accuracy happens for us as literally given life by our very own spoken words – bad gets bad and as they say good begets good as we’ll always typically see if and once we only open our eyes as led by a finally freed heart – it’s that simple, it’s that good and there couldn’t ever be anything more vital in understanding by far and away best how to live this wonderful thing we call life – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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