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what i love about music…

September 27, 2014


to begin with is everything – and more or less it was quite so wonderfully said so many years ago in a favorite film titled almost famous – it was said at the very end of such a fascinating and entirely unpredictable ride for a teenager so uniquely coming of age as an emerging writer in the wildly entertaining scene of the traveling rock’n’roll life of a band verging on newly-found stardom in the early 1970s – the young fifteen year-old writer posed the rather simple question to the lead guitarist quite straight forwardly asking so russell what do you love about music and russell quickly and ever so peacefully said in reply to william to begin with everything – that’s how it went and that’s how it is for me as well in nearly every way and it simply always has – you see i came up in a time when to me radio was even greater than anything television or hollywood had to give regardless of just how good the giving was there in the 1970s – i imagine that’s what it is when there’s a rhythm inside of someone that feels like it’s been borne of the ages if not many a lifetime and for me that’s completely what it was and still is right to this very day – it’s an intrinsic rhythm from deep in the soul that has always had me listening for the next best thing that i’ve never heard before – it’s a rather thrilling place to be in in simply being completely open and at the ready to discover the high level and the sheer extent of brilliant composition out there in this wide and wonderful world of ours – and then entirely out of nowhere it happens and i find it again just as i did yesterday morning and altogether in an instant i get swept up and away in feeling like a kid in a candy store yet it’s far better than that –

and that’s exactly what happened when in some wonderful fashion as i was searching for material for one of my newest ventures i was also led across the path of pink floyd which further led me in discovering the upcoming release this november of their very first album in 20 years with a recording titled the endless river – and what’s even sweeter from there is that it’s a 4-sided double album that’ll surely play out to be yet another enduring classic – in finding this out it not only gave me a lift in looking forward to diving into the new music yet it also instantly sent me along on a highly gratifying trip right back to some of the fondest memories in my coming of age in being turned on to not only pink floyd yet so many other fantastic bands all thanks to my big brother jimmy – it also made me realize from there just how very excellent it was that my brother let me at the ripe old age of 11 take over the set of drums he had just gotten for himself, how cool it was for him to let me do that – and then i remembered the nearly surreal experience i had with one of my better friends greg in seeing pink floyd entirely captivate a stadium-wide audience for more than 3 hours in a driving nighttime rainstorm in orlando in 1987 – and then to cap it off i thought of how in 1994 at the very last minute so many odd pieces came together for me to see them in yet another stunning performance this time in tampa stadium – i can remember it all like it was just yesterday and what a grand feeling it is – from such an out of the clear blue experience in finding out something so simple as the news of a forthcoming record from a favorite band i was indeed and nonetheless given yet another truly lasting gift and that along with so much more is what i love about music – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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