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and again i return…

October 4, 2014


in not only feeling yet in further witnessing from within every thread of who i am that God does indeed have my very best interest at heart with everything – i return in reminding myself of the presence and the promise of this far greater faith than that of what an otherwise seemingly skeptical world would rather say – and in that return i find myself celebrating as a party of one in all of the same fashion as i celebrate his loving light with all of you for the sole reason of knowing his smile’s now become even brighter – and his smile’s now become even brighter simply from my lifting myself up by way of the miracle of greater faith and then telling all about it from the top of the very biggest mountain i can find – and then i feel if not a measure then maybe many times more than that in feeling better than i did just minutes before when so much seemed so sideways and asunder as if the wheels just may end up coming completely off – and that’s what the one and only perfecting guidance of a far deeper faith does for me every single time just as i am entirely certain it will do for any and all of you as well – and what’s further so important in realizing from there is that at least for me this is an altogether new experience i find happening again and again in that the far greater promise of the deeper faith keeps delivering every single time i give in – and it’s the most beautiful giving in unlike anything i’ve ever known as this giving in isn’t what it sounds like in the way of giving up yet it truly is giving in as in giving into the faith that God and his love for and within us is completely unending as much as it’s completely unlimited and it always has been – and the only difference between me and any other fellow soul arriving at this very point in these very words feeling that i may be off on an adventure of the mind all of my own doing is simply that they have yet to see the light – they have yet to see the light in clearly never having simply decided they desire to truly see it let alone feel it and then thrive unlike ever before from there forward because of it – that’s the only separating difference – and what’s so wonderful from there is that God’s guiding light is there for us all at the ready in an instant just as soon as we turn to him in giving in to his love and giving up the distant and only ever unattainable fantasy that we can find a real and lasting happiness in this life in any other way – and when we do and as we are we find the most exceptionally elegant peace has then become the very foundation within us as our single most leading strength far more powerful than anything we can ever purchase, far more breathtaking than anywhere we can ever travel and for that matter far more meaningful than any other feeling we can ever know – and that is God – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 

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  1. October 15, 2014 4:00 am

    Gary, you rock. I’m all in except I feel like I find real, maybe not lasting, happiness in this life by helping the few people I can who are troubled, less fortunate, or in need in some way where I can offer effective help and they are willing to accept it and able to act on it. The result is always gloriously gratifying. At that point I’m looking for the next person to help.

    • October 15, 2014 10:25 am

      thank you so much for taking the time to visit me in this essay brother… i totally understand where you are coming from and i admire you for having such a gigantic heart… godspeed to you in every way!-/–

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