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words are all we really ever hear…

October 15, 2014


when they first arrive out of thin air from the voice of one as coming to another and then often times right thereafter is when we actually hear what was said – and unfortunately these words far too often arrive scraped bleeding and even burning as coming from a soul that’s been hurt by the generations – yet that’s rarely how it’s ever understood by the one listening let alone the poor soul further trapping themselves as they ever so steadily keep breathing even more life into what they very wrongly believe and then put into their words – nonetheless that’s what it is and it’s entirely toxic and it’s entirely unsustainable let alone being light years away from anything encouraging nurturing or productive for anyone involved – and for the one effectively running their life sideways in their every relationship it’s this crippling internal defeat plated up from the ones coming before them that’s the very bane of their existence – in other words they are as they say their very own worst enemy – there’s a generational curse deep from within that was handed down to them from God only knows how long ago – yet there’s no need to cast any blame anyone’s way no matter how obvious and deserving it may seem as that’ll only ever lead to an even more perilous and painful life in a fashion i’ve felt once before and wouldn’t ever wish upon anyone – rather what needs to happen and the faster the better is exactly 2 things with the one being that of forgiving once and forever anyone and everyone ever having hurt you and instead giving up that pain once and for all to the neverending and truly unlimited love that is God – and the second thing that’ll finally begin to further free you of what it is that constantly is getting the far better of you is to recognize there are countless fellow souls in this world with a guiding light at the ready to lead you into discovering why you are where you are and how to move up, through and away from there, for good – and as you arrive in this amazingly liberating and ever-strengthening position you as well will surely find yourself transcending everything you have ever known in now truly living and thriving in this precious thing we call life – yet it is all up to you to raise your hand in accepting exactly where it is that you presently are and then simply asking for help –

after all asking for help is always the winning move – asking for help is how the strong gained even greater strength – asking for help is how God knows you are ready to truly receive his blessings in a way you have never experienced ever before – asking for help will even earn another one’s newly found respect for you – and asking for help will deliver you the very help you need from just the right teacher – and then there’s not asking for help – and not asking for help will only ever further paralyze your very heart in hailing the even more distancing winds of separation from those whom love you the most yet realize for their very well-being that they must do it from afar – not asking for help is bred of the one thing in life that ultimately is only ever destructive in every way and that is having fear – and fear will kill anything good in its way all the while taking you right down with the rest of it – and that’s just the way that it is which for some of us leaves only the one question and that question is do i truly understand what it is i am saying and how it is i am sounding and why others then respond to me in the way that they do? – and as you do you’ll completely realize it’s always all been up to you – wishing you the very best with God’s every blessing in everything that you ever do ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~
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